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Studio One Feature Requests » FR:recent files:rightclick delete » Go to message
dr4kan wrote:here on OSX and S1 2.6 I can already do what you request...

can you just delete 1 file from the list???

when i try i only get a option to delete the WHOLE recent list
Studio One Feature Requests » FR:update the spectrum meter to multi coloured » Go to message
right now the S1 spectrum meter is only the well known presonus blue,its possible to sidechain

but please make this multicoloured + possible to sidechain(show multiple sources)
Studio One Feature Requests » better de-noising,noise removal,audio repair » Go to message

something along the like of Image-line edison or izotobe rx,could even be a plugin

considered getting the vst version of edison,but since image-line dont know if they think its worth having the denoising features in edison 64bit version,im hesitating

and i cant afford the price of rx

but S1 really needs a better de-noising,noise removal system
Studio One Feature Requests » Project Page: editing, automation and parallel processing needed! » Go to message
the concept is good,but defo could need some updating,automations and stuff,defo
Studio One Feature Requests » Automation in project » Go to message
Studio One Feature Requests » FR:recent files:rightclick delete » Go to message
right now its only possible to "delete"the whole recent files list,but sometimes you only would want to delete some(say finished projects)from the recent list.

what about adding a right-click delete recent file,so we could delete individual files from the recent files list???
Studio One General Discussion » Compressor question - transients in mixdown? » Go to message
try to use the same comp settings in a couple of different compressor plugins that way you could see if it only happens with the stock S1 compressor
Studio One Feature Requests » FR Options for Copy, Cut, and Past to include Tempo, Meter, Marker and Automation » Go to message
would indeed be nice
Studio One Feature Requests » FR: group of small things FR's » Go to message
also a way to delete a single file in the recent list tab

could be rightclick the file and delet from recent list
Studio One Feature Requests » Tempo Detection/Analyzing » Go to message
would indeed be nice
Studio One Feature Requests » Option to delete One Breakpoint Automations against clicks! » Go to message
indeed make this happen
Studio One General Discussion » Cakewalk Sonar X3!? » Go to message
must say some interesting partnerships they are making

addictive drums(awesome)
tone2 bifilter(the best comb filters available+more)

+ alot more

looking good,but i dont need another DAW
Studio One General Discussion » Background noise cancellation in vocals. » Go to message
i really wish there was a better/advanced noise-reduction/denoise feature in studio one
Studio One General Discussion » Special Deals and Freebies » Go to message
im feeling in a good mood today so for TODAY only you can get my preset & samplepack for a very low price

PhatmosFEAR Samplepack = 3 $
70 Dark Athmospheric samples for use in DnB,Crossbreed and Heavy Bass Music

Cyclop Filth = 5$
60 Heavy Bass Presets For The Sugar-Bytes Cyclop Synth

Dark Atmosphere Samplepack=6$
The Pack Contains 1,09GB of Dark Athmospheric Content

Harmor Radioactive Bass Preset pack=3 $
the pack contains 20 one-shot basses
50 modulated basses

Distorted Drums Samplepack= 2$

the samplepack consist of

20 Kicks
20 Snares
20 Hihats
20 Rides
20 Crashes
20 Claps

20 Drum Fills

25 Fxed Drums

and last but not least

100 Breaks

demos of the varioues packs can be heard here
Studio One Feature Requests » FR: Track/Channels consistency (position/color/name/visibility/mute/selection) » Go to message
indeed some really good suggestions here
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