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Yes, I think you're describing exactly my confusion. I come from using many old DAW programs, lastly Nuendo/Cuebase.
And, no, I dont' want to hear both parts.

Here's an example.. Lets say I have a vocal track, and I overdub a section 2, 3, or 4 times and I want to use parts of each overdub to complete the vocal track. I don't see how I can easily do this when each audio event take underneath is automatically getting spliced.
I'm going to do my fine-tuning later after I'm done overdubbing 20 times. And I'll mostly likely be doing it manually, not setting loop points.
Right now, the way it is behaving, I see a lot of work ahead of me. I don't want that. If there is some new miraculous way of doing this much less painfully, I'm all ears.

Please advise!!!
Studio One General Discussion » Record Mode - Overdub (Can't make it work like I think it should) » Go to message
Why when I record over an existing track does it split the underlying track into two events? How do I prevent this?
I have tried hunting in the manual and tried changing Record modes, but nothing changes this behavior.

I want to overdub onto an existing track without changing the underlying audio event. What am I doing wrong?
Studio One General Discussion » Record Mode - Overdub (Can't make it work like I think it should) » Go to message
Delayed post - see other thread. (or delete this)
StudioLive General Discussion » Firmware Updater - RECALL presets bug? » Go to message
I ran into a weird issue that I found in an old post. I connected my SL and it wanted to do an update so I let it, and when prompted I selected recall instead of reset, and everything was hard panned left and set to a lot of funky values.

After reading the old post, I forced another firmware load and a reset, and it got it back.
Just wanted let anyone know that it happened and how to fix it.

7) While holding down the Alt(option)+Control keys go to Settings>Check Firmware. This will force the firmware update
Rerun the firmware update. After you click finish, click "Reset" NOT "Restore". This will reset your board to factory default.

link to old post:
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Yah, I really should know better... My company sells an OEM Firebox and we run into issues with interal laptop chips now and then. But we have different drivers and can allow longer latencies.
With my own personal work laptop I have to use an add-in PC Card to make it all work well. I may just try that on our studio Acer laptop. Fortunately it HAS a PC Card slot! =)
Studio One Forum Community Support » External hard drive - Can't record to it? » Go to message
Nevermind, was a freaky drive issue.
StudioLive General Discussion » Capture to external HD » Go to message
Yup, its just a freaky drive issue. I tried a few things in different order and it came up fine.
I'm having other issues now, but I think I'm working through them. I couldn't get Capture to stay in record mode for more than a couple minutes at a time, and the CPU was pegged most of the time.
After some playing with the buffer and safe modes, it looks like safe mode 1 seemed to drop the CPU down a bit and it stayed in record mode for the 8 minutes I tested. I need to research what the safe modes do.

What I'm doing:
I have a rehearsal studio, and I just want to capture tracks there and take them home to engineer.
We have a computer there at the studio for lyrics and set lists, and it lives there. I'm trying to make it do the tracking to external HD so I can take just the drive home and work on it there on my real computer.
The studio computer is a cheap Acer 2GHz Celeron laptop with Vista on it. Its already stripped down, but I'm contemplating putting stripped XP on it instead now.

I've run multitrack software on computers for years, and its only audio and most of todays cheap computers should be able to do basic tracking without too much hassle. I just don't know if the Universal Control is a big overhead for it though.
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Thank... I just wanted to make sure. I'm pretty computer savvy having been an Adaptec support tech for 4 years teaching other guys how to make drive arrays work...

I was at my rehearsal studio yesterday with a never-before-used laptop previously tested only that VSL worked, and installed Capture and StudioOne, attached my drive, and went..."Huh??" So, I'll look deeper now.. thanks!
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I posted this question also in Tech Support, but was hoping for a quick answer.
In Capture (also Studio One), when I point the project to my external USB2 HD it won't allow recording. Only if I point it to the internal drive it works.

Do I have something wrong, or is this not allowed?
Studio One Forum Community Support » External hard drive - Can't record to it? » Go to message
I'm pretty new at trying to use Studio One or the Capture that came with the Studio Live 16.4.2, but in both cases, when I have my project selected to point to the external hard drive, it won't allow me to record to it... Am I missing something, or is this really not allowed?

I have a USB2 hard drive connected to a laptop with USB2 ports running Window Vista.

Live Sound » Spectrum Analyzer2 » Go to message
For doing system tuning measurements you don't need a very expensive measurement microphone. There are a handfull of sub-$100 microphones out there (don't want to mention any names), and they're all flat, just with different S/N levels which is fine for system tuning.
You can use any windows compatible hardware with SysTune, the help file is the user manual and explains how to setup and view measurements in great detail. As for the full version versus the free one, the full version will let you save/load files and let you use more averaging. I think the free one gives you a 1-second ish FFT size max and only 1 average. Still sufficient for EQing a system indoors.

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Another alternative for a cheap system tuning tool is a program called SysTune. Its a more modern competitor to SMAART and has a never-ending free version that gives you full dual-channel FFT, transfer functions with phase, live impulse responses for time alignment, and all the other "normal" stuff you'd expect from a high-end software tool.

Of course, you'll still need an audio interface and a measurement microphone. Here's a link to the free version:
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Another place for professional advice is
I have nothing to do with the site, but the Live Audio Board (The LAB) has every audio industry professional there posting and sharing information.
StudioLive General Discussion » Linking channels that are not neighbors - suggestion » Go to message
Not only that, but even if you link two neighbors, the faders aren't linked. Thats okay when you're live in front of the console because you have two hands (well most of us do) or at least two fingers. Last I checked, I have only one mouse cursor..... just sayin....
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I believe some of these have already been mentioned before, but this is a new forum now... =)

FX - I really would love to have something other than Reverb and Delays. A Chorus or some kind of modulation effect would have been useful. I still need to use external stuff now and then.

Output delay - If I'm using front fills or delays, or just want to delay subs, or anything fancy like that, I have to use an external DSP controller.
I've figured out how to use the FX delay as a delay output, and it seems to work okay, but then I've also lost an FX channel, so I'm using an external device then anyway.

Virtual Studio Live - Love it! But I would like to see a little more GUI adjustments. I would like to be able to switch to a better view for mixing aux levels. The "faders" are too tiny in the normal view if I want to use the computer for just doing Aux levels (like letting a video guy do his own mix), its kinda useless on a laptop screen. And there's no way that I can find yet to bring up the aux EQ's from VSL. I have to first be in Channel view, then press select of the AUX on the mixer.

Anybody know how to connect/disconnect 1394 without interrupting audio? Thats annoying.

Overall I really like the whole product and tell everybody about it.
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