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BTW, Room Correction is a misnomer. You can only correct a room with a wrecking ball.
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Chop the drummer....and his loud mouthed girl-friend(s) and use samples. Everyone else does.
Digital Audio Recording » Should I chop up the drums or not » Go to message
There is no one right or wrong way.

I too prefer all of the bleed, but this requires the performances to be spot on. If editing is required, the whole band is edited as a group. If I decide to keep the bleed and move around other tracks with instruments or voices close to the drums, I can have issues due to differences in performances.

If you start removing the ambient noise and inserting silence, the direct mic'ed tracks can sound two dimensional. I don't like that. If the genre of the music dictates using gates on drums, I will generally track the drums in a different room or at a different time. Frequency selective gating only takes you so far and can be triggered by bleeding crap in the same frequency range.
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I heard a couple of maybe dates that have come and gone, but I bet they have it and some other improvements by the end of the year. They have to pay for that nice new house ya' know.
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Technically speaking, no speaker, especially one with the topology of the 328 can have it's horn rotated without causing detrimental side effects. It's kind of a cheat.

Few speakers in this price range are going to give you a perfect 90 x 60 at all frequencies, especially at the crossover frequency where it flips. At some frequencies, you might actually have very narrow q dispersion, not even close to the 90 degrees wide. Remember, it is only 90 degrees wide at the crossover and narrows as the frequency increases. So, on the high end, around 3 to 4 kHz, it doesn't matter if the speaker is vertical or horizontal. The high frequency coverage will be about the same. The speaker's mids and lows are the things most affected by begin on the floor.

There are no third party measurements or horn plots provided. My experience is the 328s work well as a monitor speaker. I don't like 90s spraying sound on the ceiling either, but these allow for a small operation to be extremely flexible. It is not that big of a deal in my opinion.

Be careful arraying any 90 degree cabinet. Butting up any 90 degree speaker cab side by side is not sufficient splay angle, unless you are using a cabinet with the correct angle built in. You will not find many of those in the portable music store world. The front corner of all 90 degree cabinets should be 45 degrees from one another.
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I never got credits for playing ProTools. I am owed a BUNCH of money.
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toone1 wrote:I thought the whole thing is to get the system to read around the 0 db line.

No. We taper off the high end in live sound.

In the studio world, you should try not to EQ. You need to work on speaker placement, different speakers and your room first. EQ is the last resort and causes a whole other set of problems. Not everyone can put the speakers where they need to go or buy what is right. I get that. Your speaker system will not be flat at every volume level. You need to pick a volume that you can manage being exposed to for the amount of time you work and calibrate to that level. Try not to deviate from it, because it will change everything.

The other issue with hitting zero is you may have frequencies your room and speaker position are boosting or canceling. You may not need to boost frequencies, but rather flip polarity on a band. Unfortunately, the StudioLives do not have this horsepower. You will need an outboard processor with band pass options.

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What are the dimensions W x L x H? What is the seating layout? Is this real theatre where you need LCR and surround? Do you do concerts?
Do you have to meet tech rider?

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davebryce wrote:he lows. of course, aren't directional and really can't be blocked.

Actually, this is not exactly true. Lows can be blocked. Check out the paper on stair cardioid subs by Danley.
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The reality is, most churches don't really have the demand for what a few tech or pastor staff people want. I have worked for several mega churches as director of media ministries, audio engineer, radio/tv producer, etc. The reality is, doing multitrack mixes for video requires more equipment and time than most churches can throw at it. Even some large churches will hire in a company to handle those Christmas, Easter and Crisis services so the church staff can stay on course with their daily ministry tasks.

If you want to do this right, you are going to need a splitter (digital or analog), broadcast mixer, FOH mixer, MON mixer, and let someone in a room dedicated for broadcast mixing handle the recording and mixing. If you want to mix in real time, put this mix position with the video switcher, graphics, etc. That mixer will do a live mix to the video recorder. You are going to need some audio/video sync, because the latency through the digital audio console and digital video gear is going to be drastically different. If you don't do this, you are going to have to capture your content, import it into your editor, line it all up, edit, mix, etc. Time is valuable. How do you want to work?

Blackmagic Designs is an interface that relies on your computer. Their stuff is good. Since you are looking at the Roland, I am assuming the budget is tight. Roland makes some good solutions for the money and they don't require another dedicated computer. This is a plus. You don't have to worry about an OS or software upgrade making your software unusable. Roland is cheap. To be on a pro level, you are talking buy a house kind of money. You would be looking at an Avid video and ProTools system. This would allow you to multi-track your video and audio. Again, you could pay your pastor for one year and buy him a nice house for that kind of money. So, I would get a demo and see if you can live with what the Roland does first.

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gadget69 wrote:There isn't a "known issue" list pre sey, and the EQ issue is under active scrutiny....Personally, I rarely ever use GEQ where PEQ's are available...

On the 32s, it IS a known issue. It is firmware related and they have no idea when the fix is coming. On the mixer in our inventory, the low frequency noise is inconsistent. It makes no difference if the EQ is on or anything is patched to an input. Using StarQuad cable on the output side seems to affect it. I have been in contact with service. They tell me the graphical error is not related. I don't think this is the case.
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mcoull wrote:Here's the SAC system in action....

SAC is a dated, nearly unsupported, system. The cat is out of the bag. There are better ways to do what SAC set out to do. People with SAC claim all kinds of possibilities, but 98% of the users are small time guys, running a PC operating at 50% with only 24 channels operating. So, possibilities are moot IMO.
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MR4Y wrote:
Derrick Beckford wrote:Ya, but the fader port does, I just think it would be cool if the Studio Live had a Fader port built in, just have 1 fader for DAW control, b/c i have a studio live and a fader port and they make a good combination, only downside is 2 separate pieces of gear.

Having motorized faders is a burden for live use. If one fader break, you basically render the entire board useless. Also, SL has enough issues already without motorized faders.

What? Absolutely false.

Motorized faders are essential to live sound. Try working in a church with seven services on Sunday. Resetting the faders manually is a drag. Try doing a festival that way. Having sends on faders is sweet. Having EQ on faders is sweet. There is nothing ergonomically superior about not having motorized faders. Not having motorized faders and the supporting hardware is what keeps this console line affordable for them to make. Unfortunately, the X32 has blown the market open and because of sheer economics of scale, Behringer can afford to do a type of motorized fader that is inexpensive for them to make in house.

As for one bad fader rendering the console useless, that is just not true for any digital console. There are ways around that.

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If you disconnect all instruments from the mixer, is the noise still there? If so, you have dirty AC power. You need conditioning/regulation.

If you have noise only with the instruments connected, you are likely using incorrect gain and wiring practices.

Mics should plug into the mic preamps.
Line level items should plug into the line inputs.
Some consoles have padless preamps and inputs able to accept mic or line inputs via the XLR. All you need in this case is a connector adapter, not a DI.
Passive DIs can add noise to the circuit.

What mixer do you have?
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Mostwest wrote:First of all @lowbrend forgive me for being rude, i was trying to say that if you already know that S1 can't do simply things why point out this?? To me isn't so clear. If anyone can help me to understand this will be good so next time i'll shut up my mouth and my keyboard

it's brent with a t, and it's no big deal. No harm no fowl.
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