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StudioLive General Discussion » How do I perform Smaart Analysis with subwoofer on Aux 6 » Go to message
daleyda wrote:New to the SL and Smaart, so I apologize if this has been asked and/or I missed the obvious.

I'm running Main L/R to my stacks. Subwoofer on Aux 6 per recommendations on this board.

When I run Smaart, I see that I can select Main L/R and run the analysis. But there is no bottom end as the subwoofer is effectively off.

How do I run Smaart with Aux 6 up so that the EQ curve can include the lows. Or do analyze Aux 6 separately with the RTA mic pointed at the subwoofer?


I have not tried this method you are shooting for but I know in typical aux sub configurations - Smaart views the Aux Sub as contamination. I would then think that this will hold true for the Smaart software in the Presonus UC.

There are ways to do this but it takes some time. It won't be a point and shoot type of deal. I would like to try Aux Fed Subs sometime but honestly I have been incredibly happy with the way my system is sounding and performing that I just haven't bothered.

I have some notes on how to set this up properly if I can find them...... But I think you will need the full Smaart program in order to get your phase traces to line up correctly...

Perhaps Chris from Rational could comment on this since he knows how they programmed the Presonus version of Smaart...
StudioLive General Discussion » Smaart on Solo Bus » Go to message wrote:Does anyone know if it's possible to insert smaart on the solo bus? Specifically on the 16.4.2? I'd like to be able to solo something, focus in on listening to a single channel, and also be able to see the RTA on that channel at the same time. That would be very handy.


Jtay - I will tell you how to do it but I can't do I t right this second. I'm on my lunch break but I will post later how to do this. I use a separate interface with Smaart7 for this..... Not the UC version of Smaart. Do you have Smaart software like v7?
16.4.2 » Stage Monitors cut in and out.... » Go to message
bonzai wrote:My Pots setting is set to 'No' and it's still causing my Aux outputs to drop in volume at about 2 hours into the session. The scene wasn't changed. It was fine for awhile and then the Aux volume dropped.

Do you have any gates or compression set on the channels that correspond to the volume dropping in the monitors?

I am curious if you crank the gate - will it cut off in the monitor before You hear it cut off in main? In other words - are the signals lopsided somehow in strength....

I will check mine thoroughly this weekend. I did two shows over the weekend and never noticed anything but I have noticed similar cutting out before..... I turned the aux knob up full throttle and then sound busted thru like no one's business..... Acted like a dirty pot....which on the board doesn't work that way..
16.4.2 » Stage Monitors cut in and out.... » Go to message
gadget69 wrote:Question, did any of you try to increase the aux master volume using the knob?

Yes - I have done it there as well and at some point the volume will unleash full bore.....kinda like a dirty gain pot. It is what made me realize that my gates & compressor setting may have to change accordingly to the initial gain settings and monitor levels....

So I have been getting the levels set first then applying compression and gate settings..... Which if the board had recallable gain settings in the VSL - I wouldn't have to go thru the process everytime. It doesn't bother me though so I just do it. It the difference between a whisper breathy singer to one who hammers the mic up front.

I am hoping this issue isn't more serious than I think.... Kinda sounds like it might be...
16.4.2 » Stage Monitors cut in and out.... » Go to message
I am noticing this issue as well with the monitors. It seems to me that there could be several factors causing this. Setting a faulty aux aside for the moment..... I have found that if the gate is set too strong on the individual channel strip..... It will affect the aux. if you have a gate set on the aux - that can affect it as well. Obviously if the compressor is set strong - it lowers the volume level.

I am wondering if users have the gates set and compression set but then change the trim gain which if lowered - will cause a reaction..... Ie... Make the gate close easier.

Since I have double checked all of this - I haven't had any issues. Like Gadget says - go to the zero out scene....... If it doesn't act up there - then I would say it is processing related.... Too much going in the signal chain.

In my opinion so far - I think it is gate related and possible channel strip gain change on top of it. If it acts up again..... Crank the gain on the channel and I bet the monitor will light up..... Lol
StudioLive General Discussion » Smaart Delay wizard using radio mic? » Go to message
Casino_man_dan wrote:
gadget69 wrote:Well, let's get something cleared up right here before we go ANY further.. A flat response measurement mic is ESSENTIAL for this kind of work...and no-one makes a wireless measurement mic that I know of...

I wan't sure which is why I asked but I'm not convinced thats correct.

My guess is that all the system is doing is playing pink noise through the speaker and then detecting how long in milliseconds it takes for the microphone to pick it up.

I can't think of a reason why it would have to be hearing it through a flat response microphone. Surely it's just time delay calculation?

After all - let's assume you were carrying out the delay wizard test with an RTA mic but your speakers were outputting some sort of curve (for example, bad room acoustics etc.), the test must still work? Otherwise that would mean the delay wizard only every works in a perfect scenario (which never happens!) and is therefore pointless.

The only information that a radio microphone would be missing is the top 15kHz-20kHz spectrum which they use for pilot tones.

As I say though - surely it just needs to hear some sort of noise and calculate the time between it being played and then being picked up?

You can use the mic for delay adjustments but that is about it. If you adjust the frequency response with that mic - it is going really sound dull on the top end and probably really muddy on the low end.

Go for it and let us know how it goes.
Live Sound » The "Where did you run sound at?" topic » Go to message
markstar wrote:Hi guys just a quick question, I notice you have your subs up on the stage something nobody ever does here
Do you find that it reduces the bass ?

Don't mind me butting in here but it has been known to reduce bass out front. It will also increase bass on the stage which really you don't want to do. The low end gets into all the mics ...... Muds everything up and if you have mic stands that have the round solid base - the vibration will go straight up the stand into the mic..... Not good. Mostly on hollow stages though...

But we are faced with less than perfect situations all the time that we cannot control so you just have to make due. The more I do this stuff - the less worried I am plus most people have no idea anyways..... Their favorite band is always better and sounds better.... Lol

Number one thing is to get PAID and have fun...
16.4.2 » I can´t hear FX and GEQ while soloing » Go to message
trumpetovic wrote:FIrst, thanks for this great forum. It helped me a lot, those first days after unpboxing my 16.4.2.

Ok, over to my two questions/problems, I hope that someone can help me:

I am soloing my AUX 1 to my phones and I can hear all the channels and FX that are send to AUX1, but when I try to get some GEQ into it, I can´t hear what I´m doing. It doesn´t matter if I listen AFL/PFL or SIP.

I am soloing one of my channels, I can hear all adjustments made in the fat channel, but I can´t hear the FX. Is there any way to hear FX, without solo the SUB1(where I have the FX)

Regards from Sweden

You won't be able to hear any graphic changes by using the headphones. NONE......the graphic is after your headphones in the fact - I believe the graphic is last in the chain and you cant pick it up. The routing isn't set up for it. Either Presonus did this intentionally or with the addition of the graphic to the updates - made the routing too complicated so they skipped it. Yes. - this bothers me too but it does have one advantage. You can match and audio source using headphones and then EQ the PA to match it. Same as listening to a CD straight off the deck with headphones but EQing the PA to match. Very effective tuning strategy.

You should be able to get effects into anything you want. Go back thru and make sure everything is routed correctly and you also have sent effects using your MIX button for the effects and then add the level into each channel.

Lots of videos on this at Presonus Audio on YouTube.

Hope this helps but you won't hear graphic changes using the headphones off the desk.

16.4.2 » Transferring from Capture to Studio One » Go to message
ctpiowaty wrote:Recorded our show last week and I have everything correct on my end to mix. I do not use Studio One, I just use the mixer and sent the audio out to record. I've recorded and mixed other live shows and demos with zero issues. My drummer now has Studio One and I want to get the Capture file from the last show to him. Tried saving the Capture file and giving it to him but that didn't work. Is there a specific export sequence I need to follow? He got the tracks but no data.

Anything I'm missing?

It is super easy. Open StudioOne and search for the Capture file. S1 will transfer it in and that is it.

You may have to get together to make sure he gets the right file but S1 will open it correctly.
16.4.2 » Needs Help Really Bad » Go to message
champ2039564 wrote:Ok Thanks....I just may use a pc to run it remote...Let me ask you this when running a pc what is the best cable or what kind cable will I need with a pc. I know a firewire 6pin to a what (lets say usb)?

You need a 6 Pin on the SL side but whatever FireWire card your PC has will work. If you don't have a FireWire card then you may have to get one or see if you have an Express card slot so you could try a express card to FireWire adapter.

I bought an express card with a 6 pin FireWire end on it - never worked the way I wanted it too. Express card was for a PC laptop by the way.

I use a basic FireWire cable with no issues..... The one that came with my SL. I recently bought a higher quality cable and it fits really snug.....

I don't like FireWire.... Seems sloppy. I prefer things that look like there were made with a purpose.... Things that LOCK in so it will not come out. FireWire may soon be on its way out.... Thunderbolt looks good.
16.4.2 » Needs Help Really Bad » Go to message
champ2039564 wrote:Im trying to install universal control on a PowerBook G4 but when I get Installation type(during the installation process) it asks(installer requires you to type your password)but theirs no password in this mac I even reformatted it..I need help

Hey Champ - I had a G4 iBook Mac I used a lot in the early years of the SL. As improvements were made with the UC upgrades - the Power PC format was no longer supported. Not sure exactly what you have but my feeling is you are going to run into to issues. Have Mono help you get to the bottom of it when he gets time. It will be well worth it.

I currently use an HP Workstation that works great at the moment. Records flawlessly, has a bit too much latency for plugins live.... But overall - works well for UC stuff....iPad control...etc...
Studio One General Discussion » Usable tones for Click Tracks » Go to message
Hi guys - I usually hang over on the live forum but I want to ask some Studio One users what they use for Click track tones? I have been using a couple different sounds I put together and I have no problem playing along to the clicks but for whatever reason my drummer has a hard time hearing it. My thoughts are - if you are dead on top of it - you probably won't hear it since you are synced with it.

What are some tones you guys use that you like?

I think I used a woodblock tone in the electronic kit in Presence but it has like an artifact tick to it that is slightly off time with the main tone..... Really strange....

Any ideas?
24.4.2 » Smaart Works great but no Main Right channel? » Go to message
salvadoredelle wrote:Yea... But i am also doing some acoustical work on the room with diffusers and sound panels. I want to see what the right speaker is doing as well as the left. I use acoustic treatments to solve some room anomalies as well as EQ and delay. I like to see what happens in the room with each speaker so I can adjust panels and the like...

I did route it to a sub and assign it but I would think it would allow the option to use either Left Or Right or both...

That's awesome man! Isn't it funny ........ In an all out real world - the EQ is the LAST thing we should grab in room correction. The sound panels themselves act as EQs .... Good luck... That should be fun and I am sure you will learn a lot about acoustics while doing it.

Live Sound » StudioLive speakers applications? » Go to message
lowdbrent wrote:
gadget69 wrote:Well, these speakers should be AWESOME for this purpose! These are going to be a game changer! Don't get me wrong the Meyer sound speakers are AWESOME in their own right if very expensive and heavy.. Add to this the SL mixer with SMAART technology AND the ability to control the speakers over wifi and you have a huge win win combination!

I sell PreSonus and all of the other major manufacturers. Everyone releases products that redirect the sales in the marketplace from time to time, but to be a game changer, the product needs to fundamentally change the industry as a whole. A real game changer in transducer technology is in the works, and when it comes out, in a high output and full-bandwidth form factor, we will have no speaker cabinets used in live and consumer sound systems. Walls will be the transducers. A German company is working on this now. Imagine walking into a concert hall, placing some little devices on the wall and you are done.

The StudioLive speaker is not a 100% new approach or a game changer any more than the Behringer X32 was a game changer. Sure, the X32 took sales away from other manufacturers temporally, but it did not permanently cause a paradigm shift. Nobody went out of business over it. A game changer is a paradigm shift. Email, texting, free long distance, 2.4GHz wireless mics that side step the next consolidation and repackaging in 2014...THOSE are game changers.

StudioLive speakers are a version of Fulrum's very fine-tuned approach to coax speakers. Tannoy has been doing coaxial, dual concentric speakers longer than anyone in live sound. JBL, PAS, Radian, EAW, UREI and tons of other studio monitor manufacturers have been using these types of speakers. I have installed Fulcrums in a dance club, and they were almost immediately replaced with RCFs. They were too clean and too revealing for the type of music played in the club. What a compliment. They revealed the "engineer's" (haha) inability to mix. If the Studio Lives are half as good as the Fulcrums, then they will redirect sales from the other guys, until they can come out with something similar, or create a bunch of marketing bull crap to push their products harder.

Lowdbrent - I think what Gadget is saying is that these speakers will be a game changer when you compare it to what is currently done in portable sound. Having all the tools available with speakers that have been tuned to the max, the ability to apply room correction in a fashion that doesn't disturb patrons, the shear flexibility of the package.......

This in my eyes - is a game changer.... A portable powered sound system where the "system" part of the Equation has been solved. Yes there are others who do this but not at the Presonus price point....

So you are saying they took the Fulcrum's out because they were too clean? What the heck has music come too? What is there to mix in dance club music? Don't you just hit Play?

I read stories all the time about great reputable speakers being tossed out because someone didn't think they were all that and a bag of chips..... The truth is - the purchaser probably didn't follow thru with the actual intended application... For example: At Fulcrum - there are several Levels of DSP application.... Depending on what you buy for a DSP will determine your quality of outcome... If the DSP device is not on their list - you are on your own but don't you dare say the speakers aren't good or they are flawed because you didn't follow instructions.... Now I am knot saying that you said this Lowbrent - just a point on many others I see out there.

No the Presonus speakers are not going to revamp the audio industry BUT for the price point on small live sound scale - it has the potential to be a game changer.... Define it how you want...

StudioLive General Discussion » Can UniversalControl lable my Capture Channels? » Go to message
Markus Konczak wrote:Hey guys,

I wonder if there is a way to send the channelnames from my UniversalControl to the Capture session automatically. So I just have to make the soundcheck, lable the channels and start to record when I opened Capture. It would be terrific if that works!

Thanks and greeds, Markus

When you open a session in Capture - Label the channel right then and there and TAB down and name the other channels.... When you save the session - it will come up properly labeled the next time you open it. You can't label a Capture session in UC.

Also - if it is labeled in Capture and you open StudioOne ( if you have it) - it will be labeled properly as well. There is several different types of "Saving" you have to learn with all the Presonus stuff. You basically have to label in UC and save it at the VSL as well.... Again a different layer to save.
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