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@leondevose. GREAT INTRODUCTION. Heartfelt. You just may be one of us. Ha Ha.
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8" floppies, anyone?
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^^^^^^What Matt said.

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LMike wrote:
Madfloyd wrote:How do you know they are working on Version 3?

The more relevant question is.... why would anyone think they wouldn't be and/or what else would they be doing?

Solid thought! Well said.

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Hello, Scottluke. MIDI is data only and not sound. You have to take an additional step to "hear" MIDI.

From the PreSonus Knowlege Base...

This should help.

Regards, Skip
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davidchristy1 wrote: (I live on a small yacht, currently in Sicily)

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No sir, I am not a PreSonus employee. My job here, is that PreSonus has allowed, is to guide end users to solutions and help solve technical support problems through the conduit that I am allowed. The same goes for the rest of the Moderators.

It is, as you pointed out, that I am ONLY a Moderator. Thanks.

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Good evening all. Regarding a new Forum, mwright137 and Gadget are both correct. It IS coming but, like Studio One, has to be fully baked before it is served. PreSonus wants it's Forum to be the best source for end user information and has been working on this quite a long time. The knowledge Base articles are growing and participation in the Forum is welcome as we all seek solutions and suggestions. We (Moderators) think you are going to like the enhancements, so bear with us....

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Eloquent solution. Welcome to the Forum!

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Cristofe is correct. You can "Either", "Or" but the USB protocall will only allow one. Aggregate devices is a different can of worms. Not like cascading with Firewire.

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Yo, Danny! Welcome!

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Tech Support ticket? That's the first step. PM me or one of the moderators the number and we will try to assist.

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What Talmen said....

Not that complicated and you don't get to air it our in public. Just contact them so we can move on.
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@JoseDrums. First off, never hot swap the 1394 Firewire plug. Can cause damage. Second, have you logged a tech support ticket with PreSonus? If you have and have not received an answer or solution please PM me the ticket number and I will try to help.

Kind Regards

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[Welcome! You'll find our community helpful and receptive. Glad you have taken to S1!]

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