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Toth wrote:I have a dream that one day my children will have a daw in which they can organize their plugins

me too! We already can do this in FL.
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Must change!
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Ladies and gentlemen, and we have here the best company and team in the world of DAW's. PreSonus makes the days better. Well done! Great job in this solid update...
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CPhoenix wrote:
Daw stew wrote:
Mmm, either studio one update or a Presonus dedicated control surface.

If it's a Presonus control surface..... i'll hangglide off Mt. Kilamanjaro

Facebook post, I guess maybe he is right: "Matt Wright Looks like gain knobs on the silhouette. I count 32 of them. Hmmm."
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I cried like a kid, for like 10 minutes. This is sooooooooooo wonderful!
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Really interesting site that compare Sample rate converters (SRCs) inside many DAW'S avaiable on market nowadays, including StudioOne 2.51.

What it is:

Just browse the list and find the DAW and version you want to see and compare the tests and graphs:
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Must have!
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Friday is perfect, so I can test Friday at night and some day of weekend. There is no better day IMO, mainly for those that does not work 100% of time with audio...
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I'm dreaming the day that S1 will get some nice tools for EM producers, like some Clips or Step Sequencer for working ideias in loops. Would be nice to have a section where you can just work your ideias before bringing them to Arrangement. So, two new sections, one with a Step Sequencer for drums or Some clips a La Ableton, where u can lunch them directly to arrangement.
When you click in those Clips/Step, it opens the editors SIDE BY SIDE with arrangement window, so you can lunch it directly to arrangement after working your ideias (just one button to send MIDI clips to arrangement in precise time location, or just drag and drop to the place you want to locate them).

And when you want just to work in arrangement with your ready ideias and MIDI clips, you just click in those tabs to minimize the windows and saves space, only keeping the S1 usual interface.

To keep the workflow is important to keep those editors SIDE BY SIDE, not opening a new project like "creating a new PROJECT" tab. For me, this is the most logical way to implement MIDI tools for EM producers without killing workflows and keeping your ideias backward and forward.

EDIT: sorry, I just posted in wrong section but I can't delete...
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One more Logic X topic. Looks like I'm in Apple forum. Here we go, AGAIN...
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I have never seen this topic on forum. Is it new!?
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LMike wrote:Yeah, that first one looks more pro.

The first one looks like more when people using softwares were PRO. I can see soon a DAW coming with a button: "MAKE MUSIC FOR ME"!
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dgkenney wrote:
luiz.toniolo wrote:

Everything gets better guys, it only takes time... Including S1!

If I get Logic X can I skin it like the first example? I find it easier on the eyes and more inspiring.


You can even have a drummer without knowing what's a drum with Logic X. They are creating hate lazy people, really!
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Everything gets better guys, it only takes time... Including S1!
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monk_volcano wrote:
5Lives wrote:If we're honest, Logic X is way more full-featured than S1 Pro (just look at MIDI editing as one example). The UI is exponentially more polished and pleasant. The workflow for a lot of stuff is great (and unchanged from 9).

S1 is wonderful in theory, but ver 2 / 2.5 is getting lapped by the recent DAW releases of PT11, Logic X, Cubase 7, Ableton 9.

exaggerate much?

Yeah! Way too much...
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