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Pre-Sales Questions » My 24 track StudioLive is on its way » Go to message
Good Luck and enjoy it.. I am sure you will enjoy it..
Studio One Forum Community Support » Why do I see "Layer 2" track below the new mono track I recorded? » Go to message
Layers are used in what is known as Comping.. A very useful feature of Studio One.

Ala compiling a single file/track out of multiple takes.. Each one recorded in a layer (as already mentioned)
see below..

Studio One FAQ » Uninstalling Studio One » Go to message
Uninstalling/reinstalling Studio One.
You'll want to back up your data first; all of this data will be located in Studio One's User Data location. By default, this is MacHD/Users/Username/Documents/Studio One.

You may wish to verify this if you have multiple HDDs, etc.
To do so, click Studio One on the Program Bar, then Preferences. Click the Locations tab; what is listed as the User Data location?
Whatever it is, that is where your settings, songs, and sound sets will all be located. You can move this to an external location to back it up, then proceed with the following guide:

1. In your applications folder, locate the Studio One application and place it in the trash.
2. Go to "Mac HD>{your user name}." Then go to" /Library/Application Support/Presonus Software/Studio One 2"
3. Delete the contents only of the"Studio One 2" folder & empty your trash can.
4. Restart your computer

This should remove Studio One from your computer..

After restart, go to the Presonus website, at
Login to your account, and download the latest Studio One installer.
After the download, install Studio One.
And so the activation etc.

Note: it might also pay to go to the My Presonus page and remove the original Licence activation before reactivating it.

Studio One Forum Community Support » Mixdown to Mono? » Go to message
Here is a couple of screenshots that might help

Studio One Forum Community Support » Why do I see "Layer 2" track below the new mono track I recorded? » Go to message
Record Takes to Layers.. As mentioned make sure it is off.

Studio One Forum Community Support » Studiolive/Studio one/MacBook Pro playback on channles 1&2 only, panned hard L&R » Go to message
It would probably help if you told us what audio device you are using.
What actual cables etc did you run through the wall?

That will give us a better idea of what is where and what we are trying to help with..

Studio One Tips and Tricks » cleaning up a reverb » Go to message
Here is another video on using the EQ sweep technique in Studio One.. It might also help.

Studio One General Discussion » How to Pan Reverse Cymbal » Go to message
sirmonkey wrote:Why not use pan automation?

yeah, automating the PAN knob on Impact seems a very logical option.
Studio One Feature Requests » Global FX On/Off » Go to message
There are feature requests already in this for for these sorts of things.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Locating in Studio One 2.6.2 is slow? » Go to message
Interesting.. Just tried it in a couple of songs..
No noticeable lag here. Instantaneous action really.
I am on a MAC and it has SSD drive not a Trad HDD used Command Space to Locate Mouse Cursor at at Mouse position.

I put the mouse 20 or 30 bars away from the playback cursor hit the CMD + Spacebar combo and bam it is there.

Is the song full of tracks alap 100 tracks or something?
Have you done a recent save or is it after a lot of editing?
Try clearing the cache and see what happens?

Sorry cant seem to reproduce any lag on moving the cursor.

Studio One Tips and Tricks » Handy Video on how to make a simple step sequencer out of Studio One and Impact. » Go to message
This is a cool trick that Charles (Charles ConQuer Jones Comer) has done after seeing some videos by Bill Edstrum.
Thought you all might like to see it. It was originally posted on the Studio One Facebook page.

BTW using some keyboard shortcuts for muting etc would make the process quicker but Charles has demonstrated the menu option. That way you know the process and can see it.. Using shortcuts hides the process a little.

to Charles for sharing this

I am sure the imaginative folks out there could expand on this.. But it is a simple and useful process he has demonstrated.

Digital Audio Recording » Is my audio interface up to scratch? » Go to message
I have the 1818VSL and love it also..
But if I had to choose again, and maybe has a few extra $$ to spend, I would probably have spent the extra and bought the Studio Live 16.0.2
I think it would have provided me added versatility..

But it is all about $$ and so 1818VSL is excellent value for the $$$
But so is the 16.0.2 except it is more expensive for the extra stuff..

Studio One General Discussion » Remove MIDI track but faders remain » Go to message
If the track is still there in the Arrange Window
You can right click the track in the arrange window..
And select "Remove Track and Instrument"

Studio One General Discussion » Remove MIDI track but faders remain » Go to message
Do you have the Impact Instrument on another track?
If not you can simply remove the instrument.

- Open the Mixer Console
- Select Instruments on the left end
- Right click on the Impact Instrument
- Select Remove.

Studio One General Discussion » Symbols in front of clips in Pool » Go to message
Jumping in late in this but..
One housekeeping activity is to go to the "Song" Menu and select "Remove Unused Files"..
That will "clean up" the complete song folder and remove any files etc that are noir currently use within the song..

Always worth doing occasionally to reduce disk usage etc.

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