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StudioLive General Discussion » Ch 17 &18 not playing itunes » Go to message
Has anyone had problems playing iTunes back on their mixer ? I have always used iTunes through the through FireWire to ch 17 & 18 but it only plays back through ch . 1 & 2. Capture and Logic Pro does play through ch 17 & 18. I have never had a problem with this before I upgraded to Maverick. I also have a problem with iPad remote shutting down. I hope someone can help me. I've talked with Apple tech support and have tried everything.
Pre-Sales Questions » Getting ready to upgrade daw » Go to message
I've been using logic for several years now and am getting ready for an upgrade. I can't decide between Studio One and Logic Pro X. Logic Pro X has a lot of plugins and extras.but Studio One is offering a special right now. I'm presently using a studio 16-4-2 board. Are there any sugestions out there. I've downloaded the trial version of studio one and find some functions easier but I guess I'm not used to the program. I'm looking to find a upgrade that I'll be happy with for some time. you can also install Logic on more then one computer with the same license. I need help A>S.A.P..
StudioLive General Discussion » Downloading U.C. 1.7.1 on new mac using mavericks » Go to message
They still have some 13" with FireWire 800 port and a Ethernet port. I bought my studio live about 3 years ago, but don't remember getting 400 to 800 FireWire adapter. My main concern is making sure I won't have any problems downloading UC 1.7.2 and capture on mavericks without any problems. It's going to be strange to be working on a 13". Eyesight is not as good as it used to be.
StudioLive General Discussion » Downloading U.C. 1.7.1 on new mac using mavericks » Go to message
Thanks Dennis,
This is a new MacBook I'm looking at it has a FireWire 800 and Ethernet for my AirPort Extreme, even has built in disk burners. I'll just need to get a 800 to 400 adapter for the MacBook to the Presonus. I've just heard so much about problems with Logic Pro X and Mavericks. So I can just load Universal control 1.7 without any pre- installs and I guess it's the same with Capture. I was kinda Leary about getting a new MacBook with Mavericks if I was going to have a bunch of problems.
StudioLive General Discussion » Downloading U.C. 1.7.1 on new mac using mavericks » Go to message
I am wanting to know if I can just download U.C1.7.1 on a new mac with mavericks system? I know I had to install one download before I could upgrade in Snow Leopard 10.6.8 . Also I found out that the new MacBook doesn't use FireWire 400 so I'll need an adapter . Can anyone advise me of any problems I might have before I get the new Mac Book ? I need to make a smooth as possible transition and hoping I can still use my old MacBook as a backup.
Universal Control - Public Beta » UC 1.7.2 Mac Mavericks, No longer shows Mixer in SL Remote » Go to message
I'm getting a new MacBook that has mavericks. Can I just download universal control 1.7.1 for Mac. ? To get everything to work. My old mac had Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and I had to load another U.C . Download before I could upgrade to 1.7.. Please inform me of any major problems before I drop the money on a new mac. I also found I need to use a adapter to use FireWire 400.
16.4.2 » OS X Mavericks Problems » Go to message
Thanks I'm gonna keep operating on Snow Leopard 10.6.8
16.4.2 » How do you reset fat channel to factory presets » Go to message
I use the presets to get me close to the sound I want. Somehow I cleared 2 presets and dont have them saved to VSL. How can I reload these presets to factory default ? The 2 that I cleared out are Funk Kick, and Electric bass 1.
any info would be appreciated.
Thanks !
Live Sound » Which is the best way to hook up P.A speakers (powered subs and tops) to my SL16.4.2 » Go to message
When I use the subs in aux send I just send a mono signal to the subs.
Digital Audio Recording » Faderport on Sonar X2 » Go to message
I've had some issues with Faderport with Logic Pro also.
Studio One General Discussion » buy and sell » Go to message
Looking for QSC powered speakers. HPR series. Close to Va.
16.4.2 » OS X Mavericks Problems » Go to message
I'm thinking of upgrading to OS X Mavericks while the up grade is free. Has it been presenting any problems with MacBook Pro or ipad ? Is there anything special that needs to be donewith this upgrade and are there any benefits to the upgrade ?
Thanks !
16.4.2 » i pad freezes up » Go to message
I can't figure out why my ipad keeps freezing up. I'm using a airport extreme router and haven't had this problem until recently. When I check my Airport utilities it shows that it is recognizing my router. I'll have control on my ipad for about 5 seconds then it just freezes up. Sometimes I can close universal remote and start it over and it will work again for about 5 seconds. Has anyone else had this problem or do you have any suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
16.4.2 » 16.4.2 hic up » Go to message
I've had a similar issue with my board. I've had my sample rate change from 44khz to 48 several times. I've wondered if it might have something to do with the USB cable or a power issue.
16.4.2 » Stage Monitors cut in and out.... » Go to message
I have a similar problem on aux 2. I've changed cables , amp. and tried monitor on another aux. Aux 2 somtimes cuts in and out, but mostly get a distortion problem. Sometimes it clears up but it happens quite often.
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