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Gizzmo0815 wrote:When it's worthwhile to have

the ability to manipulate note by note is defintely worthwhile...

thanks for the info johnathan!
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when are we getting it?
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Motoko wrote:
sdrr00 wrote:having just switched to mac, i am wondering how the whole 32bitOS/64bit plugin thing works in S1... will S1 be able to address 4+ GB of RAM and use 64 bit processing on my plugins in the 32 bit version?

Nope, on Mac it works the same as on Windows, you need to enable S1 to run in x64 bit mode. Find the the S1 icon in your application folder. Select it and hit Apple+I. This will open the info dialog. In order to run S1 in x64 bit mode, uncheck the Open in 32-bit mode checkbox. From now on S1 will run in x64 bit, but will only support 64-bit plugins.

thanks for the response

all this is even when osx boots in 32 bit mode? is there a difference between booting in 64 bit and just running the app as 64bit?
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having just switched to mac, i am wondering how the whole 32bitOS/64bit plugin thing works in S1... will S1 be able to address 4+ GB of RAM and use 64 bit processing on my plugins in the 32 bit version?
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congrats johnathan by the way you handle this community im sure youll do a great job being a dad. mazal tov
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welcome mate! glad to head your enjoying the software
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i wish i7! im on the core 2 extreme, but im glad to hear others are running it with non-Apple configs.
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Core2 as well as i-Series? is it the entire chip family architecture thats supported or just the ones that come from Apple on their machines?
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should we be expecting any news regarding S1 updates, new release or preview, at NAMM, or is Musik Messe where its at?
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sunmachine wrote:I love the minimalistic color scheme of Studio One! IMO too much colors would lead to distraction.

while i agree that S1s minimalist scheme is great and should not be bloated with themes, i think we should be able to change all the blue accents of the program (volume, all highlights, etc.) just like we are able to change track colors,even using the same color palette, so we all can feel more at home. that way we can personalize the feel of the program on a minute level to our liking. if your DAW is your musical base, you should at least be able to change some of it to your preference
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db wrote:
bedstrom wrote: I think it is a good move for them, Sonar had gotten extremely cluttered with features over the years. They really needed to reorganize it.

Yep...looks like they did just that. DAW's are always evolving in interesting ways...looks like a big UI focused release for Cakewalk. That UI really did need a huge change IMO. Not bad at all.

DAW devs never sleep by the looks of things. I would hope that PreSonus continue to develop S1 at the current pace. That is one of the best aspects of S1.

for sure. now that there is something comparable to (and obviously directly influenced by) S1, I hope Presonus will take the same revolutionary attitude they did to seperate themselves from the legacy DAWs to the new attack of S1 clones.

S1 defientely needs to start shaping up though with editing features.
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themuzic wrote:
VG wrote:
themuzic wrote:
reddirt wrote:Everybody, time to sign off here - this is not what this forum's about.
Civility and respect is.
Cheers, Ross

Ross Muir
Alice Springs , Aust

Ah, it's only one thread. He'll be gone soon anyway. I agree with you though.

In fact, you, themuzic, are incapable to understand anything which is more complicated than 2 x 2 and you don't have logic and common sense at all. That's fine.

But this your reply indicates that you, probably, read the Zionist instructions - how to behave on forums when your opponent is smarter than you.

You use this Zionist tactics to turn away Thaty, who was politely/nicely professionally talking about pluses/minuses of S1. Are you, themuzicm, a Zionist or a mason or are you chosen by ... (who?)?

themuzicm - Yep. you got me figured out. I am evil incarnate. Satan works for me in fact. Why do you think I have bat for my avatar? I will enslave the world into using only one DAW! For it is the only way of life.

It's full name is actually, "Studio One And Only" there can be no other DAW. Once I bend the will of these feeble posters I will move to the Logic and Steinberg forums and corrupt their minds as well. Then, on to bring down the house of PROTOOLS. They will be my greatest victory! (cue evil laugh here).

Once I have gained control of all music creation software, I will take my all powerful Windows XP box and destroy all that is Macintosh. The greatest cult known to man (second only to the Studio One cult, of course).

Once I am through, every professional, home, project and bedroom studio will be using Studio One And Only on a Windows XP box and..........and, I can't go on, I'm laughing to hard at

This will be my last reply to you VG (to everyone's delight, I'm sure). I humbly admit defeat to your Canned-Laughter style righteousness, as conversing with you is like having a conversation with a game of Boggle...... blowing around in a tornado...... down hill..........with the lights off.

Signed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooosh.......................

why reveal your plans?? you know hell use them against you!
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VG wrote:
jonathan wrote:VG,

In your last several posts, you have directly insulted other members of this forum in a manner that is likely offensive to others who may view those posts.

Although when they called me a troll, I do not care what do they think about me, but anyway - why didn't you worn them for inappropriate language? Double standards or what?

I did not say to the offended guys more that they wrote. If in fact they do not understand, misinform, talk for no reason, etc. - I just named their actions as they are. What's wrong with telling truth?

jonathan wrote:If you would like to keep posting, refrain from directly insulting other users or using language that may offend others. Your next post is an opportunity to either return to constructive conversation, or to be one of VERY few users to be banned from these forums.

Why didn't you ban those who do not discuss S1 problems/bugs with VALID arguments, e.g. my opponents?

jonathan wrote:If you like, answer this question: What kind of music do you create (any links to published music would be great), and what are the most needed features in your workflow to create that music?

It's easy figure out on your own - if I fight against stupidity, unconscious behaviors, lies and the like, that my music should be ... (?). But because this music is the opposite to aggressiveness and does not hypnotize or cause any brain damage, it cannot be popular (tip: some music can damage the brain in a manner of drugs and due to this can cause drug-like addiction. In fact, some music is using for interrogation--in the US Army). So, no points to give the links - my opponents will definitely hate it. Scientific explanations about how different kind of music affect the brain are useless here - this furum is not for readers of e.g. The New England Journal.

since you obviously have no independent brain of your own and your over-inflated ego just like to throw around generic insults at people ("zionist", "masochism", ""schizophrenic") why dont you you just take johnathans advise and just piss off instead of continuing to defend your sorry ego for another 20 pages? your obviously an instable person without a clear view of reality (no matter how much you think that its OTHERS who have that problem), and you constantly contradict yourself while dancing around your ego. you claim to "not care what other think" yet you spew shit for 20 pages against people who are defending this forum against "schizophrenic", "masochistic", "zionist" egoists like yourself. even though im SURE ive directed you egos wrath at myself now, i, unlike you, really couldnt care less about anothers opinion. so just piss off you nonce

by the way, your psychological rants are useless if you dont know how to correctly apply that info. if your so well versed in psychology and pathological diseases, how can you not see your own problems? your ego projecting its shortcomings onto others? typical
Studio One General Discussion » is that good deal? » Go to message
for sure, and you can always sell the headphones and make it tgat much cheaper. Studio One is worth it for the full retail of 400 do anything less than that makes it that much more.
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jonathan wrote:Our next release is not a '2.0', mostly addresses fixes, but does include some much asked for functionality (little things). We're in the final stages of testing that release, so you'll have it soon.

A 2.0 is in the works now, but I can't say much about it at all...sorry! Just know that some very cool stuff is coming, some of which is the direct result of our interaction with you guys on these forums. We will continue to listen and respond in the same way we have during our first year, and are very thankful for the enthusiasm and thoughtful feedback you bring.

awesome, great to know! i wasnt expecting a 2.0 release, more like a 1.7, but all is good.. cant wait to see what you guys have been working on!
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