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Palaios wrote:on my lingo extra: anything added to chain between You and viewer/listerner is stuff/software for streaming.

Black Magic ATEM Television Studio is what I´ve used but it needs external box (=computer) for streaming stuff to streaming service. If it´d connect directly to any service, it´d be on my gear rack.

interesting show there - band seems bit plastic?

Band are pixels, but every avatar is attached to real ears. I play every night, and make enough to buy gear


16.4.2 » Streaming sound to the internet from mixer through firewire » Go to message
Palaios wrote:So true. Feed 2 pre fader auxes to streaming machine and You´re done.

(I´ve asked after this feature some time ago, like having standard RJ45 for streaming purposes right from unit itself)

As far I can tell one still needs some external gear for streaming, which mainly does the actual coding & feeds stuff to streaming service. Like running Youtube Live uses computer itself.

I stream over Shoutcast (audio Only) using BUTT - software only. I also perform on (audio and video) via flash - again no extra hardware.

if you go here the first video is recorded by an audience member at the receiving end of the stream. What you are hearing is live vocal, lead, slide, harmonica (badly) and keyboards over a looped back track I recorded myself. StudioLive is great for these shows

BTW if want to use BUTT, Google using "Shoutcast BUTT" or you will get way to many nasty hits


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peterjurco wrote:I would like to stream the output from StudioLive 16.4.2 realtime, being able to mix the channels independently from live output. So, to be clear, I want another mix setup for live output, and another for online stream. We have successfully paired our mixer with notebook through firewire port. I am able to record the sound in Capture, but I dont know how to stream it online. We have also tried another programs like Studio One 2, or Universal control..which dont seem to solve our problem.

Thank you very much.

I use the FW to record using capture, bu ti use analogue outs to internal soundcard to stream LR mix over shoutcast using BUTT (Broadcast using this tool.) Unless yo can find a streamer that can use ASIO - and can access outputs 17 and 18, the FW is not useful. If you r internal card has SPDIF input that is also an option.


16.4.2AI » Upgrading to SL AI...any issues to worry about? » Go to message
roblof wrote:What you may miss from your old sl16:

You lose four channels with fat-processing since the aux inputs doesn't have it anylonger.

The post-fat recording into computer isn't implemented.

No linking of consoles.

I'm confused - the spec shows that the 24 and 16 have Fat channels on the Aux inputs

-- from Features
Master Section
Aux Input A and B
Level Control and stereo pan
StudioLive 24.4.2AI and 16.4.2AI exclusive: noise gate/expander, compressor, 4-band EQ, limiter — all with A/B and Quick Null

seems it is the 32 that is missing it.


StudioLive General Discussion » Repair Status Check Down? » Go to message
Has anyone tried to check repair status today? I keep getting a error message and told to check later. (If anyone from Presonus is out there it it RAW6122 zip 97008 - I have been without my SL16:4:2 for almost 2 months now.


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Hi there,
I just got my 4 year old SL16 back from service at Presonus with a new PSU and new DSP. All sounding nice, but...... there is something strange with the Control Room Outputs. Anything I pan right comes out of both CR outputs. Anything I pan left comes out of neither. This is for anything that goes to the control room - Tape in, FW in, Solo buss, mains. The main outs are fine, the headphone outs are fine. So atm the board is useless for recording - very frustrating. This almost seems like a misaligned ribbon cable. I love the console, and for the most part Presonus, but it is really frustrating having to go without a couple of weeks, get it back, cable it all up, and then find out you will need to do it all again.

If anyone has suggestions I would like to hear them


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I have had my StudioLive for just over 3 years. For the most part it doesn't move much - sits in my home studio. About a year ago, I developed 1 noisy mic amp - it didn't worry me as I use line input on the channel concerned, and because I perform every day I didn't want t be without it. I went on vacation in the last 2 weeks of October, so it was a perfect opportunity to get the console serviced. So I set up a return, and send it out just before left.

It arrived back 2 days after I returned - as planned. I opened the box and it looked shiny and new - had to make sure it still had my serial number. Not only was the mic pre fixed, the whole board feels like it has been gone over. I have two huge hairy dogs. Although they are not allowed in the studio, they spread dust everywhere through the heating / cooling system etc., so even though I do wipe down the surface, dust gets in the faders and they were beginning to bind (Also because I am the performer, they don't get moved much).

The faders now feel smooth across the board. Everything is nice and quiet.

Overall a really great experience, at a very fair cost - Thanks Presonus.


StudioLive General Discussion » MACKIE DL1608 vs PRESONUS 16.0.2 o 16.4.2 » Go to message
scottmckenna wrote: a board that does mostly everything that the 16.4.2 does, and it's only $1,000.

Math is a little off - it is $1,000 plus the cost of a dedicated iPad, and you son't get to play Angry Birds during the warmup act.. The Line 6 stuff is interesting - albeit expensive -, in that you "can" get at the functionality without an iPad, but can also use the iPad as a controller.

I do think that Presonus should think about direct wifi control in future releases - for a live, non recorded show, you should not have to add a router, and a laptop just to use an iPad. I do realize that the path from console to VSL to iPad was evolutionary, but a bit of regrouping would be nice. Having said that, my preferred method of mixing is by far to use the actual console, and I would be reluctant to be dependent on an iPad.


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I use trs - trs to ext inputs, with mono pressed and it works fine. I also ran XLR to trs (via an adapter) to input A, and I was getting phase cancellation. I just swapped pins 2 and 3 on the adapters (AND WROTE ON THEM WITH A BIG FAT SHARPIE) and was good to go. I believe this was the change between old and newer HP60s

Cheers Grif
StudioLive General Discussion » In-Ear Aux Sends - Mono To Stereo Help! » Go to message
swami wrote:Hi,

Hope nobody minds me resurrecting this thread... I found this info very useful. I want my band to start experimenting with IEM. So the Behringer MicroMon + cheap earphones + aux channel limiter on the SL option look like an ideal way to start.

Does anybody know the best way of taking the same stereo mix from 2 AUX sends from the snake and distributing it to 4 or 5 of the MicroMons on the stage. The only products I can find are multi headphone amp distribution boxes. Since the performers will already have their own headphone amp, I just need a way to send the stereo signal to 6 different boxes...

Apologies if this is an obvious question.

Kind Regards


Personally I would go with an HP60 and not use the micro mons. You can feed two stereos pairs across 6 stereo headphone outs, and each invididual stereo out has an indvividual stereo input (with a mono button) Really flexible and in addition each headphone out on the front is couple to a line level out on the back - great for feeding video mixes / streams / dressing rooms etc.

Cheers... Grif
StudioLive General Discussion » If you don't use Studio One 2. What is your DAW software ? » Go to message
If I am creating music I use Sonar - have used Cakewalk products for many years. If I am mixing down a live cording captured cia my Studio Live I use Studio One Artist as it is tightly matched with the console


StudioLive General Discussion » "Pinking" a room with the new VSL using the SMAART RTA » Go to message
mamerica wrote:I posted this as a response in a separate thread but I think it deserves its own.

You can use the new features in VSL to flatten your system. The trick is to run the pink noise directly to your amps and speakers without running it through the mixer.

You will need an RTA Mic and a Pink Noise Source. Like SwitchBack said, you can buy a program, download an app or a CD with Pink Noise on it.

You can buy an RTA Mic from Rational Acoustics, the guys who brought us SMAART
But if you already have one from DBX, or Brüel & Kjær, that will work fine too. Just don't use a regular mic for obvious reasons.

Pug the RTA Mic into the talk-back input so there is no coloration from a FAT or Graphic EQ
Unplug the main output from the board and plug it into a Pink Noise Generator.
Assign the Talk-back to the mains.
Play the pink noise through the speakers at normal level.
Engage the RTA and the turn up the volume on the Talk-Back so the RTA graphs are near the center.
EQ and adjust for a flat response.
Save the EQ settings for the next time you play the room

That's it!

If you have an iPad you don't need to disconnect cables. (This concept was originally posted elsewhere on the forum, not sure by who)

Plug pink noise into a channel on the board. Make sure EQ etc is disabled, and send it out the mains with EQ turned off. Plug RTA mic into any channel (or TB), also with EQ off, make sure is not bussed, and send it to an aux group, also with no EQ .

In VSL show the graphics for that aux group, and select the RTA - this is your reference - you will not adjust the graphics.

On the iPad, select the main graphics ans adjust to suit while checking the response on the VSL.



StudioLive General Discussion » Loking for someone in Rhode Island with an SL16 / SL24 based setup » Go to message
Thanks mate - much appreciated

StudioLive General Discussion » Loking for someone in Rhode Island with an SL16 / SL24 based setup » Go to message
Hi there

I am looking for someone in Rhode Island with a small SL16/24 based system who wants to be involved with a 3 day music event in a hotel conference room in September. Typically the setup is the console, a pair of Mackie thump 15" or similar, a couple of powered wedges and an HP60 or similar. If you check there is a detailed description of the same event in Salt Lake City. I am one of the musos at that one and brought my rig out for it, but cannot realistically drive out to the East Coast.

Let me know if you are interested.


StudioLive General Discussion » A field trip with my 16:4:2 » Go to message
For the last 3 years my 16:4:2 has lived in my studio at home. I use it to create backing tracks and record full songs. I also use it each night to broadcast a live show singing and playing guitar / keys into a virtual world - Second Life (which has a very active and large musical community.(If you go to there is a playlist of second life (SL) live performance videos which will give you an idea of what it is I actually do.

In addition to the virtual performances, every month or two, SL musicians, venue owners and fans will meet at a hotel and take it over for 3 days, typically 40-100 people. Each musicians gets an hour to use as they wish, in addition to open jams, and special sets where musicians are paired at random and given 5 minutes to put a song together and then perform it.

I have just come back to Portland, OR from Salt Lake CIty, UT after taking my system out to do sound for the event. It was an interesting setup so I thought I would share.

The room is a 40' x 25' conference room with a 10' ceiling, so a pair of 15" Mackie thumps is fine for house (these are not very loud shows). We had roughly 50 ppl attending. We needed to accommodate up to 10 musicians on stage at any given time with acoustic or electric guitar rigs. All instruments - including and electronic kit were direct to PA, except for a bass rig. Firstly Mackie Thumps do not like 5 string basses at any volume, and 12" powered wedges (2) are no good for reproducing mass, so we end up with disgruntled bass player. For this reason I took out my bass rig so we could have plenty of bass on stage and in the house without taxing the PA / Monitors. (We did feed the bass to the SL16 for distribution. The Electronic Drum were fed to an onstage sub mixer, which was also used for track singers MP3 machines, Loopers etc. as only one or the other would be used at any time.

Almost all Second LIfe musicians are used to performing with headphones (We all broadcast from out houses - usually at night). In addition, we stream HD video and audio over Livestream, and stream audio to second life. To cover this I sent two stereo mixes to the A and B inputs on an HP60. The A Mix was specifically for the A/V streams - usually with higher vocal levels as the house listeners would hear a combination of direct and amplified voice. The stereo line outs on the HP60 were used to distribute the A mix to the A/V

and audio streams. The remaining 4 outputs took a blend of the A an B mixes, with the B mix contain more me for the featured performer. Each musician on headphones or in ears could choose how much or how little of the augmented levels they wanted, or could just listen to the wedge mixes.

I've always maintained it is harder to mix a quiet room than a loud one, and I was really pleased with the console. I broke the subs into Vox, Guitars Drums and Bass, and Keys. I loved having compressor available at all stages so I could keep quiet and loud fairly close together. I was able to leave the console and go play on stage with other musicians by taking my iPad with me. and rarely had to change anything. It was a bit tricky using my iPad for console control during my own performance, but that was mainly because i was using it for lyrics and back tracks at the same time - I may pick up a iPad 2 explicitly as a controller and nothing else if I make a habit of this. I did run a snake to FOH, so only used iPad when I was onstage and for setting up monitors The other thing about his arrangement - conference rooms are notorious for poor power, ground loops, and click from ice machines etc. The residual noise on the PA was basically non-existent. I was also able to capture 18 track recordings. I didn't do long continuous recordings, not because I was worried about dropouts, but because the laptop is an old Dell Inspiron with a 60GB hard drive.

So all in all everything worked great and the SL16 / H60 combination worked a treat. Thanks Presonus

If you want to see / hear the videos check out

If you want to see my ugly mug playing at the jam go to (got to 1:55:00) - yes I know there is a ring there, but no-one in the house could hear it lol

Cheers... Grif

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