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StudioLive General Discussion » new i7 PC, windows 8.1, no success installing Universal Control drivers, anyone have clue? SOLVED » Go to message
found the problem I think.

I examined the FW compatibility list one more time and discovered the chipset on my Startech card is not compatible after all.


Anyhow, I am glad I finally see what the problem is.

I hope....
StudioLive General Discussion » new i7 PC, windows 8.1, no success installing Universal Control drivers, anyone have clue? SOLVED » Go to message
StudioLive General Discussion » new i7 PC, windows 8.1, no success installing Universal Control drivers, anyone have clue? SOLVED » Go to message
Hey people,

I just though what the heck, let's replace this 6 year old PC with a brand new one, Dell XPS8700, 16GB RAM, i7 4th gen, etc.
I installed a FW card from Startech, the PEX1394A, supported by Presonus, it is on the compatibility list at least.

Now the fun started. After installing the latest UC 1.72, I got no reponse from the SL at all. It said Driver off, Unlinked.

Ok, so I uninstalled, reinstalled, start up in the right sequence, change HW cables, NEVER hot plugged or unplugged anything.
No way this was going to work. So I downloaded older UC's, with 1.71 I started to see some live in the SL. It showed Driver on, Unlinked.

But when I started UC it crashed and said I had to reinstall and reboot.

Done that a zillion times, changed cables again, reseated the FW card, booted again and again in different sequences but nothing helped.

Then I downloaded 1.6 and guess what, all of a sudden things started to work. I was ordered to do a firmware update (it was on the latest firmware but anyhow...) and after that I could even get my presets and back them up.

So far so good, Boy, was I happy again, and I started to install Studio One Pro 64x. Took forever to download and reinstall all the instruments, pulg ins etc.

Started up Studio one and loaded a song to see if it worked....

Hell no! It froze up after the first bar with an error that the studiolife couldn't be initialized or found.
After that, Universal Control again says: the software was not installed correctly......

After many, many tries, I must say, the initial joy I had when I received the PC yesterday, is totally gone. I can only hope that I can get it to work some fracking how.

Before I shout out to tech support, is there any tip anyone can give me? Did I overlook something stupid? Is there a known issue with Win8.1? I had Win8 on my old PC and that worked fine, although I remember that the latest UC gave problems and I sticked to 1.71.

By the way, I am pretty sure the Firewire connection is OK. I have had the FW fried twice on this thing so I'm careful as hell not to plug anything in while under power. And I see the Driver On message on the SL right now (pffff).

Thanks for reading and responding in advance!


edited.... it's a SL 16.4.2., firmware is now on version 1.50a, Build 188
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After reading all this......pretty sure your SL FW ports are fried.

If both systems don't see the SL at all that's too much of a coincidence. Blaming it on the processor of the Latitude, come on.

Lots of SL have seen that problem, mine 2 times in a row. I couldn't get it to show up, not in OSX or any windows machine (all 4 of them that had any kind of FW). Turned out that the SL FW was fried. After getting it back, few days later same thing happened when it accidently hot-unplugged when I moved the SL a little.

So never ever hot plug or unplug the SL, ever!!!! Are you sure you never have done that sometime in the beginning of your setup process? Once is enough to fry the darn thing. And it's not a presonus quality matter at all. It's just the specs of the FW port that don't allow audio equipent to be hot plugged. i fried a Focusrite Sapphire in exactly the same way, just by simply pulling the cable once. Poof, gone. never fixed it but bought the SL instead. And then it happened again, and again.

That's why I would never use a FW audio device in a live setup where people are prone to trip over FW cables and such. Only in a secure, stationary studio setup. Rendering the usefulness of the SL to S for that matter, at least to me. Still loving the board to death. Hate FW though .

Best of luck.

16.4.2 » GR meter all Red....common problem ? » Go to message
And how did you find out that that flat cable was supposed to be the issue?

Just curious what pointed you to this solution.

16.4.2 » GR meter all Red....common problem ? » Go to message
edited......see next post
StudioLive General Discussion » how to take apart and rebuild a 16.4.2.? » Go to message

just what I was looking for and even much more than that.
These pictures are a great help as well as the explanations.

I feel very lucky

thanks again
StudioLive General Discussion » how to take apart and rebuild a 16.4.2.? » Go to message
Thanks Wally,

yes I found out the pictures were missing. But I'll have a look at the 24 thread.

Cheers to you
StudioLive General Discussion » how to take apart and rebuild a 16.4.2.? » Go to message

I remember a post from someone who did this and took pictures along the way.
Can't find that anymore.

The reason for asking is because the second/last time I got my 16.4.2. sent back from service (replaced blown FW and PSU 2nd time) by the German distiributor (I'm located in the Netherlands) it turned out to be reassembled badly. The buttons on the top right side are so recessed that they are hard to engage. The display is tilted to the right as well. They shipped it back in a torn up and very thin carton box that was held together with pieces of tape. The professional high end double layer carton server box (hard to come by) I used to ship it to them was not used for the return shipment. Bye bye beautiful box that I could use for almost anything that would need service. I hope somebody else is happy with it.

The board operates OK since that last service and I didn't want to send it back for another 4 weeks just to get it reassembled properly. And I didn't have a good box to ship it in anymore. Furthermore I gave up having blind faith in the good intentions of these folks there, after all this.

So I have a 100% working 16.4.2. that however looks like a mess and with buttons that are hard to work. It also annoys me every time I see it, and that's every time. I'm also worried that some parts are being forced to bend and that I might get problems in the future.

So, finally, after 11 months looking at it, I want to open it up myself and see if I can get it back together in the proper way.

Anyone have experience with such an operation? Wish I could find the pictures I once found on this forum, anyone still have them?

'Funny' that one can't trust the guys who are supposed to service in the name of Presonus. If I lived in the US I would have returned the board to Presonus of course. But that is not an option I'm afraid. I din't raise a tech ticket because there is nothing wrong really (at least no technical issue) and I presume (I know, wrong to have presumptions) Presonus would only advise me to send it back again which is no option. I could not miss it for anything longer then a few days right now. The studio is used a lot lately.

I am in no way trying to bash Presonus. I just love the 16.4.2. and the combination with S1 is absolutely great (only studio use). I intend to use it for a long time and just want to have things 'right', right?

Thanks folks
16.4.2 » First show with studiolive and wierd freeze when using load and recall » Go to message
I must say that since my last post my board has not failed me anymore.
I have to change the FW ID from 0 to 1 to 0 every now and than but that's a known FW issue with all FW devices. Has to do with the sequence of switching things on in Win and OSX.

Strange that your issue is still there after service by Presonus. I assume that they must have tested it completely before shipping it back. You are absolutely sure that you have the very latest (the Universal Beta works fine with me) drivers installed, don't you? The latest firmware in the board just needs that updated driver.

I hope (and assume) your board is physically OK and it's just a software/firmware issue as it turned out to be with mine.

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Thinking about the hobby vs pro thing:

I guess when you stop working professionally it comes down to just playing what you like and exploring new styles. When making music for dough you have to compromise and play what the folks want you to play. Gear is essentially for making music (money) in the most efficient way, so you buy the stuff you really need and treat your stuff like it's going to be written off in 3 years anyhow. Hobbyists tend to love their gear more and really care for their stuff. Hobbyists are also more likely to be purists and more roman than the pope when it comes to musical morality.

But put any hobbyist in a professional environment and after some time they behave like professionals

I am not talking about the 3 powerchord playing campfire musicians obviously, nor starwars action figure geeks LOL.
Studio One General Discussion » What is your primary use for Studio One. » Go to message
Music is not a profession or a hobby. You are a musician or not. You are an artist or not.

Music is a way of life. I happened to be professional musician for over 10 years and then I decided to pursue a career in IT because in the late eighties the development in computer technology was so promising and I wanted to be a part of that. And the environment for serious musicians was very harsh in those days. Venues replaced the complete bands with one (or two)man bands (doing everything with midi and later sampling) or DJ's.

So I guess I am a hobby musician now. I built my studio in the basement of my house. Started my first PC DAW with cakewalk back in 87. It came with a midi PC ISA card. Before that I used Steinberg on Atari ST. After several upgrades of cakewalk (for Windows) I finally changed to Logic on a Mac 4 years ago. After my iMac blew up the firewire port of my Focusrite Saffire 26io I bought the Studiolife 16.4.2. some 3 years ago. That came with Studio One Artist.

I tried that after having it on the shelf for more than a year. Totally changed my workflow. So much better than Logic.

Love Studio One for life.

I mainly record and help produce my son's work who's studying at the Academy for Pop Culture in the Netherlands. He's working on building a portfolio with multiple styles, like jazz, fusion, rock, electronica, metal. He needs to explore everything for that matter. I have a miked up acoustic drum set. My son plays drums, bass and guitar. I fill in the keyboard parts and occasionally vocals. We master the songs ourselves and are getting the hang of it.

Nice topic.

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Exactly what i want
16.4.2 » 2012 iMac and Studiolive not tripping DSP....... » Go to message
My iMac did the same, kept the FW hot even when shut down. And my PC does it as well. So switching from 0 to 1 and back is the only way to reset the port on a lot of Mac and PC's.

It is not a StudioLive issue at all. Had exactly the same thing, again on both iMac and PC, with my previous FW interface, a Focusrite 26iO.

Nothing to worry about.

Just DON't HOT (un)plug your FW cable at any time.

16.4.2 » 2012 iMac and Studiolive not tripping DSP....... » Go to message
ctpiowaty wrote:Not sure if this will help but,... I have had a similar problem.

If I turn on my SL, then turn on my MacBook Pro, then connect the FW cable,... It never works. What I have to do every time is turn on SL, turn on MacBook Pro, connect the firewire cable,... wait 10 seconds,... unplug the FW cable,.... wait 10 seconds,.... then plug it back in. Then everything works perfectly. It's a weird glitch but it's at a point where I know what to do and what to expect so I'm ok with it.

You might try that, it works for me everytime.

well, I guess you're lucky. I fried my SL16.4.2. TWO times when the FW connector disconnected (and reconnected) while it was on. It happened first on a iMac and second time on a Dell PC.

The StudioLife is NOT meant for hot connecting/deconnecting, even if it happens coincidently like with mine, you've earned the right to get a fried FW port in your SL. Oh and BTW, the same goes for most professional FW audio equipment from the other brands as well.

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