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Just knew it was a Godin!
Really nice.

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Don't need key rings, birthday gifts from Malaysia.

Seriously, I miss the ability to alert Mods of idiot spam and Bots, but I think the actual forum is maintained by a third party.
This is positively the last time I respond to non-human posts. BTW, exactly WHAT part of "House of God" does this spammer/Bot not understand?

Thanks, BJD
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Thanks for the thread, GMHauge. I was thinking about this just the other day. I am an old, scratch that, mature dude,and back in the 70's/80's we prided ourselves on our sound systems. Nackamichi Dragon, Sequoia, Bose 901's or better, S.A.E., etc. There doesn't seem to be that pride in ownership of a kick *** system for sound today, other than home receivers for home theaters.

Sooooo, think of it this way. We, the community on this forum, care about sound reproduction. We most likely have home systems that would make casual listeners jealous and might even inspire some to actually hear all that music has to offer.

Why do we do what we do, because we care, and we can, and I can't stop cuz it works for me!

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Sent Rick an e-mail re: this recently. Has not been available since at least March of last year. Suggested not only tees with bland PreSonus logos, but maybe S1 tees, caps , Voodoo One Tees, caps, etc. Missing out on letting "freaks fly their flags". etc. He said he agreed and would pass it to marketing. Hope they listen. I like the "Voodoo One" thing, myself. Like Eike's avatar. Let's start someting rocking!

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Yes, on Studio One Pro which allows VST plugs. Artist does not. Hope this helps.

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Houston still a no go? (Your right, probably will never be). New Guitar mag show Steinberg entering USB interface market complete with "Mouse" foot controller, etc. Maybe PreSonus is getting under their skin?

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Jax wrote:
AudioCave wrote:My request is to not get into an arms race and try to throw everything but the kitchen sink into Studio One and ruin it.

I'd rather see a long, slow ascent towards something that keeps the spirit intact along the way. Easy, fun, powerful.

I'd rather see it become user defined, with all the features you could ever want available if and when you need them. That accomplishes both goals: keep it user friendly and add great dexterity to the muscle. What good is muscle without control?

Greetings Jax! This forum is ALL ABOUT user defined. The Devs are here constantly monitoring what we as as users are looking for. As far as "all the features you could ever want", dude, that is a feature request from hell! Audiocave is spot on with "I'd rather see a long, slow ascent towards something that keeps the spirit intact along the way. Easy, fun, powerful."

S1 is only on V.XX, and getting better every day.

Stay tuned, Kind Regards

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Click, DELETE, and have a nice day!
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yes, spot on yes, , and sadly, yes

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Just today, gave this a listen. Nice First day with S1 was a little wacky, but it's like having a new toy and pushing all of the buttons, just to see what they will do. Nice guitar work. I would be interested in details of what, how, processes used to get such nice clean crisp takes. Regrets to Moopyhog, but Viva la Revolucion!


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"Similar" specs could fry your unit. Don't know what kind of warranty the FS mobile has but that is only 5 months. Have you tried contacting technical support?

Good luck!
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Hey, Big Joe Daddy! Maybe after he got earbuds he realized he wasn't up to the rest of the band and this was his way of gracefully exiting. Last time I looked, there is a Bazillion drummers out there to prove they have the backbeat for a proper band.

Part of the process, how many bands have had the same members from the get go? Not many. This could end up being a good thing as a new skin smacker could bring new life to your band!

Best of luck to you and your mates!

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OK, I fell out of my chair watching this vid. "Your face has viruses, the steel balls hitting the floor...too funny!
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Hey Lawrence similar to the "Stevie Collab" thread. Glad you are still going with the idea of a group collab. I, too, tried the first download and got CPU issues, but tried to send the Presence tracks to my synth controller to alleviate CPU grunt. Still working on that. Yep, reverb is eating alot of grunt and "Kick" (drums), too. This can all be worked out. Since then, I see you put out a couple of other endeavours. Too cool! Just need to know which is the one you will allow us to work on as a team. I would like to add my two cents, if you would allow. As we discussed in the "Stevie Collab" thread, this is just a good idea as it will allow both musicians and production folks a chance to add to the build.

BTW, even though your genre is more Hip Hop, I like what you did with this!

Hats off, brother. I'm in.

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Not new to using MIDI, but am struggling a bit with how PreSonus handles MIDI. The manual indicates that MIDI is handled differently than other DAWS such as SX3 , Nuendo, etc. It is handled as two seperate entities, Instrument and Controller. Normally everything I create works perfect, but when I try to play back something that was originally tracked with Presence and try to redirect to the Yamaha S-08 controller, things are not so Bueno.

I know that there has been requests for Omni and questions on how to access banks etc. Maybe I have just set the synth up incorrectly for playback.

Now for the setup...

Yamaha S-08 (XG)

Controller set to receive from Project MIDI
Controller set to send to Firestudio Project

Instrument set to receive from Project MIDI
Instrument set to send to Project MIDI

BTW, I can get drum tracks working correct by choosing channel 10, but that's about it.

Thanks for suggestions, I do miss Omni and banks selection. Doohh!

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