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juhanihemmila wrote:how do I quickly select all the regions on a track without drawing a lasso around them?

Shift+Double Click on the track (not the header)
or Ctrl+Shift+A (Windows) / Cmd+Shift+A (Mac) for the selected tracks.
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If you don't know the exact tempo, you could use the "Define Tempo" function to set it graphically.
With the Arrow tool enabled, press "Ctrl + Alt" (Mac: Cmd + Option) on the right edge of the event and drag it e.g. to the next bar.
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LMike wrote:Having said all that, maybe only when the range selection is spanning the entire vertical range (Create Ranges?) should it behave like the second one... and insert or delete time globally, moving markers and tempo changes... make that same assumption... but only then.

I agree, that's how it should be. Will be improved soon...
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LMike wrote:So the FR might be (in that case) to isolate the selection for the track that just got removed from the group maybe, dunno.

Seems like a good idea...
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The editor has to deal with the fact that there could be a mix of mono and stereo files on the track.
We decided too keep it simple and just use the track configuration.

Instead, the editor could look at all the events and determine which channel count appears most often, or use the event that is "nearest" or "most visible" (which could change on scrolling), but i think that could be confusing too...
Studio One Forum Community Support » UAD Presets strange behaviour - can any other UAD-User confirm this » Go to message
Strange bug, it has to do with the vendor name "Universal Audio, Inc." ending with a dot, which is not a valid folder name on windows.
Studio One got a little confused that it found the preset file in another folder than expected...

Will be fixed in 2.0.5.
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That's not necessary, it will be in 2.0.4 (likely in January).
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veekays wrote:
Is there a control key for higher accuracy?

Yes, Shift.

gdugan wrote:
But wouldn't you want to raise/lower by percentage instead of a bpm offset?

I agree, that seems to be more appropriate. Should be easy to change ...
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You can select multiple of those steps and change them together.

With the arrow tool in the tempo view, click in empty space and draw a rectangle with the mouse around the steps you want to edit.
Then click & drag at the top edge of one step to change all steps by the same bpm value.
Studio One General Discussion » linking inspector and timeline in project window » Go to message
Sounds like a good idea to me, will change it in the next update, so that the track gets selected and the inspector follows.
Studio One General Discussion » Can't select multiple bend markers since latest update » Go to message
Sorry for the confusion, we changed that behavior: now it's on the ALT key.

We did this to conform to other places in S1, where Shift usually toggles snap on/off.
So now you can bypass snap with Shift when inserting a marker, that wasn't possible before.
Studio One General Discussion » Split at Cursor track-jumping issue? » Go to message
Split at Cursor does not make use of the selected track, but the selected events. There are two scenarios:
- if events are selected, it cuts only those events (if they are under the cursor)
- if no event is selected (or none of the selected is under the cursor), it cuts all events under the cursor

After the splitting, the last of the new events gets selected, and guess that's what you are seeing (but events on the other tracks have been split as well).

So to limit the split to one event / track, select that event before...
Studio One General Discussion » S1 - 3 days without Nuendo and Avid MC Pro - conclusions » Go to message
dogcatstudios wrote:For example, I love the search button in the browser but to access this function I have to click a tiny icon in the corner (no keyboard shortcut)

Ctrl+F opens the search field when the browser is open and has the keyboard focus. It can be assigned to another key ("Edit - Search").
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Yes, a key command to insert a marker at the play cursor position makes sense.

roblof wrote:During those test, at times, undo was unable to remove bend markers I created with the mouse.

This might be a redraw bug that we fixed yesterday. In that case the marker was deleted, but the graphics just not updated.

roblof wrote:Since audio-Q/transient detection usually never is 100% correct and, as you said, you want to be phase locked there should exist some way to insert bend makers manually for combined tracks.

On grouped tracks, an inserted marker gets added on each track.
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Motoko wrote:Click on the pitch name, or the note on the left side of the editor to select all notes on that pitch.

But click with Ctrl (mac: Cmd) key pressed.
Or with Ctrl+Alt (Cmd+Alt) to do it for all parts on the track.
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