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Stivan - Can you please try logging in with the credentials from your account? Our IT department adjusted a few things on your account and would like to see if you can log in at this point.

Make sure to clear the cache for your internet browser or try a different browser when you log in initially.

Tech Support Agent
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The Bubba Sale experienced some technical difficulties on the server side over the weekend.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, PreSonus has extended the sale to July 3rd.
Please use the coupon code "Bubba2" without the quotes and it should work.

If you are experiencing continued difficulties with the Bubba sale, please contact and they should be able to help with your issue.

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Hello Nat,

Login to your account at and submit a support request.
Fill out a ticket and we will reset your activations for you.

It shouldn't take long to get to your request.

Studio One Forum Community Support » Does Pipeline have a 'Freeze' function in the Mastering View? » Go to message
You can save a PreSet in your Pipeline insert once you have it set up the way you want it and then recall the Preset on the other tracks.

You will see a small button in the Pipeline insert window just to the left of the Preset Drop Down. Looks like a small box with three lines in, very small, click that and you will see the option to Store Preset.

You would then be able to select that in the Preset drop down.

You can even export and import Preset XML files from here as well.

You could also just Copy the setting from pipeline insert on track 1 then insert the pipeline insert on to the track 5 and then hit the paste button, this will paste the settings into the insert on track 5.
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