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I have it sorted now... I had somehow managed to tack on another track to the end of what I had mixed, and that had doubled the file size without me noticing! Oops! Thanks guys...
StudioLive General Discussion » Capture mix down file size question » Go to message
Used my SL24 to mix down a live recording. The first set is approx 70 minutes in length, recorded to track 25/26 in capture. The resulting file size is 1.54 Gb, where I had expected it to be around 750!b so that I could fit it on to a CD.

Any idea where I'm going wrong here?
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AlanWallace wrote:Lets look at only the ipod/iphone to studio live mixer. I assume that your connection from SL to Speakers is ok.

You say that you use a 1/8 plug from your ipod/iphone to a line in on the SL.
the 1/8 plug from ipod is a tip,ring,sleeve, ok that means the the tip has left shannel, the ring has right channel, and the sleeve is the common ground return.
are you using a tip,ring,sleeve plug at the other end either through an adaptor to make it 1/4 inch to suit the SL?

if that is the case, then you are plugging into a balanced circuit on the SL, where the tip is expecting the +ve of your audio and the ring is expecting the -ve component. BUT

by directly inserting the TRS from your ipod you are sending the left channel of audio to the tip, and the right channel of the audio to the ring.
This will cause a cancellation in your balanced input on the SL and the result will be the difference of the left and right audio from the ipod.

Your BASS especially has just been phased out ! and the rest wont sound good. You can probably quickly check this by just removing the plug going into your SL by one click

The simple answer to fix this is get a 1/8 TRS (ipod end) going to two rca connectors and plug them into the tape input on the SL.
You could also use 1/8 TRS to two 1/4 inch phone plugs and connect into both left/right aux inputs of , say AUX input A. (or B).

I hope that your problem is fixed by either what the other guys have said before or whateve i have contributed.

dont forget to let us know your outcome.

Have experienced this exact problem with certain set of headphones I bought for use with my iPhone. Pull the jack out a smidge and full spectrum is coming through, but plugged all the way home, no bass and very phased sounding. For the purposes of testing, I'd ditch the iPhone and try a different source.
StudioLive General Discussion » SL + FSP equal better reliability? » Go to message
I don't post very often, but that's because my SL24.4.2 has performed flawlessly in the couple of years that I've owned it. It's usually hooked up to my MacBook Pro for both multitrack recording of shows and the ability to run SL remote. I use a good quality FireWire cable and have never had a problem with anything freezing or dropping out.

I'm very happy with my purchase, and will go as far as to say it's the best piece of audio kit I've bought in terrms of value for money.
24.4.2 » No effects in solo'd auxes » Go to message
Not sure about the solo question, but going into aux flip mode and sending FX A or B to that specific aux works just fine on my SL24... I use it fairly often. Obvious question, but you don't have the FX master turned down or anything like that?
24.4.2 » Getting my SL24 Soon, quick question » Go to message
Not sure that you'll find scenes useful for musical theatre unless you do the recall from a computer hooked up to the studiolive. If you recall from the board, the outputs mute for about a second... Not what you want during a performance.

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PvG wrote:In SMAART and other software (eg ARTA) there is the possibility to measure the response using normal music instead of pink noise... Would be nice to have that in live situations.

(The software analyses two signals: the original music signal (via mixer) and the signal from the measurement mic. From these signals the transfer function of amps+speakers+room is determined. Of course, the music material should have a "filled" frequency spectrum.)

There is already a way (although a slightly clunky workaround) to sort of achieve this...

Have your reference mic in the talkback channel and assign it to an unused aux. Then assign an spare graphic EQ to that aux send, push the assign button for the talkback to go to the aux you're using for the reference mic, then press the TALK button. On VSL you can now look at both the graphic EQ and smart response for what is being sent to the mains, and then by swapping to the spare aux graphic EQ, you can see the mic response curve.

Problem is that you can't overlay them....
24.4.2 » Info pad -20db and delete scene???Presonus studiolive 24.4.2 » Go to message
just wondering about all these requests for a pad...
I've been using my SL24 for nearly a year now and have never yet found the need to pad any channel. Obviously I'm running any line level sources such as keys via an XLR to TRS adaptor when needed or via a DI that has a pad, but even the loudest snare drums have needed some gain added.
StudioLive General Discussion » Zero Out » Go to message
I just have a channel preset saved as "FLAT" that I recall.
24.4.2 » EQ display on IPad » Go to message
The EQ thing bit me badly last night. I did the whole zero out desk scene then reloaded the scene I wanted, however I shut down the iPad app by accident just before the band was due to start, opened the app again and every second EQ was blanked out. I went into the aux page and as I went to toggle the EQ on off switch on the display, I also managed to hit the start page button, so I had managed to switch off the EQ, but not back on, and had come out of the app!

Major feedback thru aux 2 monitors as all the EQ cuts that were in place were now gone. I had to run to the desk and turn the aux masters down.

Im not happy PreSonus folks. Get the app sorted very soon please.
StudioLive General Discussion » Smartt features live » Go to message
Used it today for the first time being able to ring out the system for a few more db. It was very easy to just crank up the vocal mics and see where the problem frequencies were going to be and pull them down a bit. Pretty handy for the 1st release....
16.4.2 » Aux to Subgroup » Go to message
Only way I've achieved that is to come out if he aux jack and back into a channel line input, unassigned to the mains and assign to the subgroup only...
24.4.2 » Presonus Showstopper!! » Go to message
Yeah that sucks. Been there with another digital system (the screaming high pitched whine), ran to the power amps through the audience!
I always carry a back up mixer to every show now...

Not had any problems with the SL so far (touch wood) but it can happen...
24.4.2 » Talkback not working on Aux 1/2?? » Go to message
Something funky going on with your system I think...

If I engage talk on the SL remote, the talk button on the desk lights up too.
24.4.2 » Zeroing Out the board: does the GAIN knob also need to be lowered? » Go to message
As has been said, the preamp knobs need to be lowered along with any other analog pots.

What I have found works for me in a multi band type gig set up is to sound check the first band and save a scene under their name, but don't save pots, faders or GEQs. Put a strip of tape along the top of the board above the preamp pots and mark the pot positions, and mark the tape with the band name. Another strip of tape along the bottom of the faders with traditional instrument mark ups. Next band comes up, new tape, same again. The reason I don't save fader positions is so that I don't need to use locate mode which interrupts the DJ between bands.

I leave my aux masters set at unity at all times, so only the aux send levels change and they are stored within the scene.

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