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Studio One Free » How to mix/combine/merge two samples in same track together? » Go to message
Good Move.. Separate tracks is the way.

Obviously where you put the sample you want to play (the shorter inserted one). You want to slice the other track and mute the event at the place where the smaller track is if you don't want ten nth too play at the same time.
Studio One Free » How to mix/combine/merge two samples in same track together? » Go to message
I agree with Matthew however if you don't want to you can also set the Play Overlapping Events to On in Preferences. > Advanced.

But separate tracks would be far better!
easier to see and easier to manage and manipulate.

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Welcome Hugo..
How do I (You fill in the blank)? » Unable to Update Firmware on Faderport » Go to message
Check this out
and note the comment about USB3 and USB2

If you are really stuck contact Presonus Tech Support.. I am sure they will be more than happy to assist. That is what they are there for!

All Other PreSonus Hardware » Can't install Faderport firmware update (Mac OSX 10.7) » Go to message
Oh and also don't forget if you are stuck contact Presonus Tech Support.. I am sure they will help.
All Other PreSonus Hardware » Can't install Faderport firmware update (Mac OSX 10.7) » Go to message
From the Presonus Knowledge Base that may or may not assist.

Note the comment about USB3 and USB2..
Studio One Forum Community Support » MIDI not recording NEED HELP » Go to message
Have you record armed the track?

There are 2 places to click to record.
On the track.. there is a Record Arm button. That must be clicked.
Then on the transport there is a Record Button.

Arming the track tells Studio One which rack you want to record onto.
The record button on the bi otto tells it to start the actual recording.

Studio One General Discussion » Are Event FX Possible on Busses? » Go to message
Note.. The EVENT FX can be loaded on just a part of a track.. ala a short section (event) on a track such as the 1/2 bar of a track like you asked.
And you can have the same FX on all tracks and load them one by one. or better still load them onto all of the events (across multiple traces) at one time.
But each one will need manually adjusting to suit the actual event itself.

Of course you can also create a preset with the exact FX setting that you want and then grab that onto multiple Events in one action.

To get them on all events at once..
Simply highlight all the events you want to have the FX on.
Then drag and drop the FX (or Preset) onto one of the highlighted events
It will then be instantiated (identically)on all the highlighted ones.

Studio One General Discussion » Can't get multi-track output » Go to message
I assume now you have created a template with the correct setup so that starting a song is easier in the future!

If so maybe you can load it up on the Studio One Exchange for other X32 Users?
That would be really helpful to some!
Studio One General Discussion » Macro Window does not open-Answers? » Go to message
I have had this and it is usually caused by the fact that the "commandbar.xml" files has been corrupted.
My solutions in the past was as follows. (There may be other solutions however)

1/ Copy all the Macro's into a folder somewhere - only necessary if you have added macros yourself but a good idea anyway.
2/ Goto the Studio One Menu item in Studio One. And The Extensions Option.
3/ Uninstall the Macro ToolBar Extension
4/ Shut down Studio One
5/ Delete the Macro's folder from the Studio One Folder on your Hard drive (which is why I took a backup just on case)
6/ Reopen Studio One
7/ Download and reinstall The Macro's Toolbar from the Presonus Exchange
8/ Enable the Extension.
9/ I then close down Studio One and restart it.
10/ Make sure the Macro's Toolbar extension is actually showing as Enabled in the Extensions Panel..
11/ Open a song and see if the MacroToolbar has returned and all standard Icons are showing
12/ Re install any personal macros's from that Backup copy you took in step 1

Although long this has worked for me..
As I sad there may be other ways of fixing it but this gives me a clean start after a failure and so I like it.
Studio One General Discussion » S1 Professional and organizing samples, loops, Kontakt etc » Go to message
In Kontakt you can tell it where to locate it's samples and it will build a database.
So you can pretty well put them where you want so long as you tell contact where they are from within Kontakt!

In Kontakt at the top is a Cog Button where you can tell Kontakt to find and search for samples.
Just make sure wherever you put ten that that location listed there so it knows where to look..

Kontakt will see the description of the sample and index them accordingly so Strings Legato etc will show up

Studio One General Discussion » How to import audio without automatically time strecthing it to the song's tempo. » Go to message
Also make sure that the new track that you drag the audio into has the Track Inspector Tempo Setting set OK. You want "Don't Follow"

See Image below

Studio One Forum Community Support » Rendering the Audio and Instrument Tracks together. » Go to message
Not exactly rendering but there is a workaround.. sort of....
You can send both tracks to a Bus and then record that bus to a new STEREO Audio Track using the Bus as the input rather than an external Audio device.

That will give an audio track of the combination of the audio and instrument!

You can then remove or mute/disable the original audio/instruments/tracks
If you need to redo the process and do more mixing just delete the audio from that new track. Reenable do the remixing activities and repeat the process.

See if that helps..

Studio One Forum Community Support » Studio One - Mavericks issues » Go to message
Make sure you have the latest version of Studio One v2.6.2
From memory that was an issue with older releases but was fixed in a more recent one..
I forget if it was 2.6.1 or 2.6.2 but either way update to the current and you should be fine.

If not log a Tech Support ticket.
Studio One Tips and Tricks » Volume fade? » Go to message
There is also a Macro in the Studio One Exchange that does a Fade Selection.
So you can select an area using the Select Tool and apply a fade to that,
That selection can be a single track or a range of tracks or all tracks.

The size of the fade depends on the Selection you make. i.e. how long the selection is (Left to Right).

Just in case that does what you want.
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