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I got a question and wonder if u guys maybe experienced the same problem. When I started out with S1 the CPU usage on a blank songpage (no tracks loaded, just the blank reset 'new song' settings) used to show 0% (off course). Now, after updating from Artist to Pro, it dangles between 8% and 15% without having anything loaded from the start. The fact that updated to Pro in the meanwhile seems irrelevant to me btw... That cant be it, I suppose...

Another indication: When I used to load, for instance the GRAND PIANO presence plug in (which seems to be a cpu hog as I was told) I could bang all the keys on my keyboard, lets say 40 at once just to test, without my CPU really havin problems with it. Maybe it stretched from 5% to 20% max. But now, it peaks to 50% or 60% when I do that. I will have to admit that due to some install problems I still have the Studio 1 content (loops, instruments, effects) installed on the same drive (C my OS and Studio 1 Program is installed to. Can that really be such a significant facor. (Perhaps because it stores my song/project files including its audio to my C: drive).ment tracks.

But the main question remains: how Can my CPU-meter be indicating it uses +- 10% to 15% on a blank song with no audiotracks/instrument tracks/ effects or whatever loaded in..?

Another thing I dont really get is that when my CPU meter indicates, lets say, 50% or more my system cpu meter in the taskbar says just 15% or 20%... Which one tells me the actual number/usage?

I've got a four core i5-750 processor on a windows7 system. Please let me know if ur running the same system/specs or have a clue or inkling what the problem can/should be.. I never ran out of CPU-usage btw.. but I never used more than 20 or 25 tracks/instruments.. and not too heavy on the effects (so far)

The only time my CPU usage is bugging when I load a few Kore tracks, but I heard that seems to be normal.

Like I said, anyone who got the slightest idea: Hit me back on this one !!!

btw Im about to try the optimisation for Windows7 (or vista as it was posted) soon,

but I still cant stand that not too long ago my Cpu could handle almost anything without ever passing 20% and now its almost at 20% at startup without having done anything.. While the only thing I done in the meantime was upgrading from Artist to Pro.

thanks a lot,
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thanx for ur advice, navajo.. but I figured that out already.. the thing is everything installed including the expansion plus the grand piano set.. the things that wont install are : the loops (forgot the name of the soundset) vol. 1 and the synth pack plus the fourth item from the origional install..(uber- some german ish.. I forgot) So basically some parts of the origional dvd didnt install plus some parts from the update neither.. That makes it so strange.. Im starting to think its an administrator / owner / user -conflict within windows 7.. And Im trying to figure out what exactly.. All to no avail so far..

but hey.. tnx again.. and if someone gotta tip on the administrator / windows 7 thing.. feel free to post.. cause Im really down with the freakin S1 thing.. and Im looking to upgrade to Pro.. cause the timestretching capabilities.. !! Damn.. I never saw/heard that before.. its awesome.. and my NI maschine's gonna complete it all.. So Ima need the 3rd party plug ins to work. Coming from an mpc2000xl.. this is all I want and need.. holla at ya' ........
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wassup siempre.. thats pretty weird indeed.. I actually managed to install S1 including all the content to a vista system.. so now Im even more confused.. especially since my downloaded synth pack failed to install as well on my windows 7 system.. but Im waiting for a new disc as well, so we'll see how that will work out.. so ur saying that, for instance, it says at the startup that it failed to install the sunth pack, but u can actually use the content in S1?? and it is there in the browser..? I dont get that.. but u can use the samples now, for example, dont u? Cause I still cant.. somehow..
Studio One Forum Community Support » whatever happened to quantize after updating to 1.5.2 .? it used to be there? it used to be so sweet » Go to message
I actually got this weird thing.. but maybe its me, I dont know.. I updated artist x64 to 1.5.2 and now my 'quantize audio' option is gone.. I used to cut up some audio and quantized it by pressing Q, go to event/quantize audio while having the section selected, or right click and select 'quantize audio'.. after updating to 1.5.2 it doesnt do that anymore.. any one knows what the deal is? did the whole quantize thing change after 1.0.1 .. or is it maybe not done to go from 1.0.1 to 1.5.2 without installing the other updates that are in between (1.1 and so on).. that cant be huh? Another thing is that the upper bar used to say 'quantize' and I think it was 'snap' and 'timebase' and an arrow (I think follow song or something). the last three (snap, timebase, and the arrow) are all gone..!? maybe there was an adjustment in the settings or something? or maybe I chose the wrong 'song setup'.. please, somebody?
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Oh no.. its me again.. and Im afraid I got another question.. Im starting to think there's more corrupted than just the install disk.. I actually just found out i lost 'quantize' after updating from 1.0.1 to 1.5.2 .. Its not in the 'event' list anymore.. plus pressing q doesnt work anymore neither.. plus I found out the upper bar just says 'quantize' while it used to say 'quantize' and something like 'snap' and follow track (something with the arrow) as well.. I just installed Studio 1 (1.0.1) on my old system and it seems to have all these functions which 1.5.2 dont have or at least they dont work anymore.. Am I really buggin' here or is there some suitable logical explanation for it.. I used to cut up a drum loop or whatever in the under left corner (I think it must be called edit, right?) and quantized it when needed.. now after the upgrade, it just doesnt work anymore.. !?
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haha .. bedankt voor de welkomstboodschap, Motoko ... but I'll keep it english just like u did cause the international big brother might be watching too huh.. I am gonna contact Presonus Tech Support but its more than kind of you I got you as a sorta backup since you're from around.. And yes, I jumped on the S1 wagon indeed and I dont have plans falling off of it.. I'll keep you posted on the subject if things dont work out .. I havent really gotten into the ins and outs of the actual software of S1 but apart from the sound sets problems it seems like a pretty cool DAW that needs to be upgraded to Pro pretty soon in my opinion.. Cause being able to use NI Maschine as a vst plugin is a must when it comes to my setup.. Good looking out dude
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thanks, motoko

You mean at the start set up where its scrolling all data (real fast) right? .. it indeed shows two or three red crosses behind the names of the soundsets im talking about.. (with the 'failed to install ..... soundpack-message) it scrolls really fast but I spotted them.. and the extra installs from the 'my download' section installed without a failure what so ever.. Im almost 100% sure now my install disc got an error.. I really appreciate your help.. but I dont know what to do with the md5 hash codes...

@motoko.. btw.. amersfoort..? for real..? its Middelburg/Rotterdam here.. I actually enjoyed your tutorials I stumbled across on several sites like the prodigy beat and bass tutorial and such... and I am gonna fill out my specs as you suggested to me in the other thread.. I didnt really got that far since Im new here and kinda freaked out that the sound sets wouldnt install.. thanx for being that helpfull..

btw Im gonna install Studio One to my XP setup later today as well (the problems are with my new windows 7 setup) just to make sure its an error on the disc or not. If it all installs there without a problem, which is unlikely, I might have an windows 7 OS/ user administrator problem..

again.. I really appreciate your help
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seems like ur problems are being solved.. Ima try to get the same done.. where is the extra content in downloadable versions btw..? Since Im defenately gonna start out with that as well..

holla at ya boy
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I'll probably throw a party when its all settled.. and ur invited, siempre.. good work compadre.. hope it all work out
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Siempre!! tell me how u got to call them ok.. Cause Im pretty sure its a defect disc like I said.. Im all the way from Holland the Netherlnads here (Europe).. Im praying on my knees for a new install disk.. Hook me up with Dude u spoke to !! Please.. ! I will do exactly the same.. since it just has to be the frakin disc.. if so, Im so excited !!!!

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Wassup Siempre.. u actually should be able to download the 1.5.2 version from your 'my software' page.. Only thing u need to make sure is if ur XP is 64 bit (x64) or the 32 bit version (in that case u need the x86 software.. I think its just called windows update 1.5.2 in that section).. If your start page says version 1.0.0.whatever then u got the first version installed.. just download the 1.5.2 version and install it.. The bad news is that it aint gonna help referring to ur origional problem which is installing the content from the dvd u got with your product.. and yes.. we seem to be on the same page when it comes to that problem.. Im actually gonna install it on my old setup (xp as well) and see if there's the same problem during installing it.. if so it's obviously an error on the dvd disc... if it DOES install without any problems including the package content, then its obviously: 1. a conflict between the os. and the dvd (windows 7 in my case), or 2. something wrong with the dvd drive and/or its drivers.. We betta get this thing sorted out since I dont wanna return the product neither... I'll keep u posted if I found out what the deal is...
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Oh.. yeah.. ur right.. Im still running with the artist version.. I actually was planning on upgrading to Pro.. but I gotta find out what causes the conflicts during installing the studio one sample/instruments content first.. since thats still corrupting.. Plus I didnt even get to test how it runs on my brand new system.. I just bought a new setup windows 7 with a i5 750 processor and a couple of 7200 rpm harddrives.. so Im curious how many vst's and vsti's its capable of handling within studio One.. same as for my NI Maschine.. If the test results are good, Im definately upgrading to PRO ... good looking out.. and tnx for being quick on the draw with answering my question.. I appreciate that ...

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another thing is there aint no 'vst location' in my options/locations folder... just 1. user data 2. file types 3. soundsets and 4. instrument library ... Im still thinking something went awfully wrong installing the whole thing.. as its still aint reckognizing no loops from the standard library..? and Im not the only one..
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by the way.. having both versions (x64 as well x86) installed is a no no I assume huh? any downsides when it comes to 'downgrading' to 32 bit besides the hardly noticable audio quality?
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I am actually running the x64 version.. so that explains a lot.. I guess I had it running under the 32 bit version a couple a days ago then before I installed the x64 version..
ok.. Ima have to reconsider installing the x86 version then huh.. thanks for helping me out..
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