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24.4.2 » 24.4.2 iPad connectivity issues. » Go to message
The iPad application will be dim when it is not connected to a SL board.

To use the app, you must have:
SL Mixer
Computer (Mac or Windows) connected to the board using firewire
Universal Control program running on the computer and working with the Mixer
iPad app running > Select mixer and CONNECT.

At this point, you need to go into Universal Control on the computer and select SETTINGS. You will see an interface to authorize the iPad (or iPhones running qMix) to control the board. Once you give your iPad the authorization, the app will no longer be dimmed and you can control the mixer.

Hope that helps.
16.0.2 » 16.0.2, Macbook Pro (10.9) - iPad 1 Not Connecting » Go to message
I remember reading that Mavericks has some issue with Ad-Hoc networks. Have you tried it with an external router?
24.4.2 » 24.4.2 iPad connectivity issues. » Go to message
Here is my experience. We perform in the corporate meeting and event world. When the room fills up with 3000 accountants and they all pull out their iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys the 2.4 frequency band is overwhelmed and a solid connection between my iPad and the Router/Laptop becomes unstable and sometimes completely unusable.

My solution was to purchase a new AirPort Express (Apple) that supports the 5GHz frequency band. I make sure the network is hidden so all those 5GHz capable devices don't hammer it looking for an internet connection. Since I switched to the 5GHz band, I have had zero issues with my connection, no matter how many other devices are in the venue.

I also glued a nut to the bottom center of the Airport and I just thread it onto the top of a fully extended microphone stand so it is up above any equipment and over the bodies in the audience.

Hope this helps you.
StudioLive General Discussion » Studiolive Audio Playback problem OSX Mavericks » Go to message
What we need is someone that knows people at Apple that can check on this internally. It has been an issue since Snow Leopard and I believe PreSonus has reported it along with many of us users. It just hasn't been a priority item for Apple and we have no way of knowing how many people are actually affected.

I have not had any issues getting my routing working by following the instructions provided above on five different systems. It is annoying but there is a workaround, for most of us. Have you contacted support by phone to have them actually walk through it in case you missed something or they can determine if there is an additional issue?
Pre-Sales Questions » Want to purchase 16.0.2 » Go to message
I own and have used an SL 24.4.2 and a 16.0.2 for about 2 years with zero problems related to hardware. My software issues concern capture and OSX (on the Mac) and are completely related to OS upgrades.

PreSonus has great customer service and if you happen to get a defective unit (very low chance but possible with all manufacturers) they will stand behind it and make sure you are happy.
Live Sound » Communication » Go to message
I believe there is a wireless ClearCom as well. You can always use FRS radios with earpieces as well but the ClearCom is full duplex - you can talk and listen at the same time, like a phone. Speaking of phones, you could do a conference all on cellphones with earpieces. Most plans are unlimited or no minutes between cells.
Live Sound » Communication » Go to message
ClearCom. Uses XLR to interconnect headsets with mics. You can fined used pretty cheap and run the connections using your snake.
16.4.2 » AUX A & B » Go to message
I suggest "Do Not Disturb" mode as "Airplane" mode will not stop alerts from other apps that can access the internet by wi-fi, if available.
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Adjusting tracks » Go to message
Sounds like a question for the DAW you are using instead of the mixer. What software are you using so we can assist?
16.0.2 » Routing Audio Out to Channels Other Than 1 and 2 » Go to message
You are looking for the Audio MIDI Setup program in your Applications > Utilities folder.

Click on the PreSonus interface, then Speaker Configuration button and change the channels to what you want and click APPLY. Activate the FireWire returns for those selected channels and you will be good to go.

There is also a setting in Universal Control > SETUP to assign the stereo main return to another channel so you can avoid channel 1 & 2 using the main firewire return.
16.0.2 » No input sound on channels » Go to message
Check the Firewire input buttons across the top. I had a channel stop working and after a lot of searching, found the firewire return was activated. In the sun, it was too dim to notice right away.
16.0.2 » iOS8 and OSX Yosemite compability » Go to message
QMix is working flawlessly on my iPhone 5s with iOS8, Beta 1 and my SL 24.4.2.
I have not installed iOS8 on my iPad yet to test.

As always, don't upgrade your production computer or devices to a beta as many things can go wrong. A future beta update may break everything. Unless you want to test, and take the associated risks, stay away until the official release and statement from PreSonus on compatibility.
StudioLive General Discussion » Questions on Gain h » Go to message
I use Sennheiser EW300 IEM systems as well. Here is how I set them. First, I connect Aux 1 to IEM 1 L and Aux 2 to IEM 1 R. I repeat for all 4 units (8 Auxes).

Next I select an input source to adjust everything...generally I use one of the instruments or a track feed from an iPod. I set the AUX settings so that input is at about 60% on the meters. I do this for all AUXes. Next, I set all the AUX rotary knobs to 12 o'clock. I play the source and adjust the IEM input sensitivity so the signal indicates about 60-70% on the IEM meters.

Next, I go back to each AUX and start adding input channels to the mix until they are all about the same 60%. At this point, the musicians set their belt packs to a good level using that track or instrument feed. They remember the setting, usually around 6 on the belt pack, and we start adjusting their mixes or they take control with iPads or iPhones.

To prevent them from taking out their ears, there is a limiter in the belt packs that I have set so no matter how loud they turn things up, they cannot exceed a safe volume. I also have the ability to reduce the AUX output volume with the rotary knob if I see one of them has cranked things up to the point the IEM transmitter is peaking (it turns red to warn you).

We use the IEMs in Focus mode so two people share one transmitter receiving a mono feed in both ears.

The entire band (7 people) just got their custom moulded in ears so we will be holding a technical rehearsal soon to go over proper use and get their base settings figured out. I will be adding 2 stage mics for ambient sound so they don't feel isolated.
16.0.2 » StudioLive 16.0.2 Help, there's a problem! » Go to message
Not sure what you names are nullified? Do you mean in Universal Control?
16.0.2 » StudioLive 16.0.2 Help, there's a problem! » Go to message
The problem in that when playing music there is a pause for some seconds, then music again starts playing.

Is the computer CPU being overwhelmed? The first thing we have to determine is whether this is an issue with the computer keeping up, the firewire connection, or a possible issue with the mixer.

Does this occur when sending other audio to the mixer over firewire? Play YouTube and see if that stutters or stops. If not, this is an issue with iTunes (hard drive or CPU). If it has the same issue, then we would have to start looking at other options like a bad cable or configuration problem.
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