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Studio One General Discussion » Exchange Crashing S1---Yikes! » Go to message
This problem has been fixed over the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Studio One General Discussion » odd license issue today » Go to message
Studio One uses the Ethernet port to identify the computer that the license has been issued for. Just leave it on and you should be fine.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One High CPU usage. » Go to message
You should look at the audio setup. I assume the sample buffer size is too low for the load of your song. Increase that to something like 1024 and see, if that helps.
Studio One General Discussion » Long Post - Who is the target user base for Studio One? » Go to message
Deltones wrote:Yeah, I tried all methods I could think of for recording takes withing the confines of a single track. The layer was promising, but the freezing of the audio item within the layer killed that method for me. Already discussed in other threads so I know that this is something that annoys other users as well. We'll see how the update cycle goes.

What do you mean with freezing of the audio ? You can not edit in the layers, but you can easily make a layer the active one, if you want to edit a layer.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One V2 update out in August (Press release inside) » Go to message
bigboi wrote:I hope you guys understand that I am not knocking the DAW.....heck...I switched from Sonar to S1. Read the says "love the DAW". It just seems to me that Presonus is not interested in fixing things that are needed by professional studios.

The press release might have been misleading. Nimbit is a service independent from Studio One that anybody can use, not just Studio One users. This service has been build by a completely independent team. We have only built an extension that makes it easier for Studio One users to upload to Nimbit.

I can assure you that the development team is working on the next update to Studio One. We are addressing the deficiencies you mentioned, which includes video playback under Windows 64 bit. If you want to help us prioritize, please send me a list (with PM) of the issues that you think needs to be addressed most urgently.
All the best
Studio One General Discussion » Delayed MIDI triggering » Go to message
Could you tell us a bit more about your setup ? What OS Version ? What MIDI device ?

Studio One General Discussion » Burning master CDs in Studio One » Go to message
jc24 wrote:I'm assuming (and hoping) that I've missed something here...whenever I burn a CD from the Project page, it burns it as a 'Track-at-once' disk, not 'disk-at-once', meaning of course that they will always be rejected by manufacturing plants. I can't find any options to change regarding this, so I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. .

Studio One uses Disc-at-Once writing
Studio One General Discussion » Activation for my UPDATE????? » Go to message
Did you retry to activate your software ? It may have been a temporary server outage.
Studio One General Discussion » S1 Latency Spec Question » Go to message
That is correct, the input to output latency should be 8.62 ms then- Any latency displayed in the transport adds to that.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2.0.5 Now Available » Go to message
xylyx wrote:I didn't see any mention of a fix to Open Air in the first post?

It has been fixed, but did not make it onto the release notes yet.
16.4.2 » Crackle and serious buzz in my recordings » Go to message
kevinr6969 wrote:I have used ASIO4All in the past on an older system and it worked out really well.

You should not use ASIO4ALL with PreSonus mixers and audio interfaces. Select PreSonus FireStudio as audio interface in your audio setup.
Studio One General Discussion » what is this? » Go to message
what wrote:my account has been canceled?

Could you try that again. The account looks Ok from our end.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2.0.5 Now Available » Go to message
JFernandez wrote:Very high CPU usage with this update.

This mix engine has not changed, but we have switched to a new compiler on the Mac, which should improve performance. Could you supply us with some details ? What is the audio interface that you use ?
What is the buffer size ?
Which plugins do you use ?

Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2.0.5 Now Available » Go to message
Toth wrote:Still crashing here

Could you supply us with some details. When does it crash, what plugins do you use ? How often does it crash ? Are there crash dumps, that you can send us ?
Studio One Forum Community Support » cpu spikes... » Go to message
Could you post a system report ?
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