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Live 8 & S1 REWIRE
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anyone using this set up? what i would like to do is use Lives Session View to make a bunch of tracks and then dump them into S1 for arrangement/sequencing. basically using replacing Live arrangment view with S1. but whenever i load Live as slave rewire i lose all plugins, is this possible?

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This is a Live problem. For whatever reason, when Live runs as a rewire slave, you cannot use VST's in it...quite why Ableton did it this way is anyone's guess (unless they have ever explained why it is this way?).
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you won't be to use any 3rd party plugins on Live's native plugins. I have a great video tutorial on rewiring S1 and Live for audio and midi sequencing, it explains it really well and It might help you .PM me your details I wizz across to you.
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