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Noise from Computer
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Chris Fletchall

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After spending 33 minuts on hold with tech support and never talking to an actual human I must now ask the general public for help on my investment.

I have a 24.4.2 set up to my laptop with vsl running. I then have the out put of the mixer connected to an amp using the 1/4" jack.

There are no inputs pluged in the console at all. no firewire buttons turned on. Just computer (vsl) to mixer to amp. as basic as you can get.

Now when every one is turned on, I can hear the computer through the pa speakers. It is a weird clicking very fast and loud noise.
When I unplug the main out put from the console to the amp, the noise goes away. I then plug my 1/4 connector into the aux1 output and the same noise appears.

I turned off the system unpluged the firewire cable eliminating the computer and powerd the system back up and the noise goes away.

Any Idea on what could be doing this?

I have just installed the latest firmware and vsl software and the remote app works awsome.

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Use a balance TRS (tip ring sleeve) quarter inch cable to your amp or Monitors. I will fix your prob. I had the same problem this took care of it.

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try unplug your computers power supply, I know toshibas have pretty noisy power loops

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fat chief

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got the same thing going on with my FireStudiio Mobile and I wonder if dells have the same issue. I have been trying to track it down. Never thought of it being the computer. Also it gets increasingly loud if I plug in an instrument to the inputs of the mobile.
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Hi, yes this does happen with Dells. The noise through FOH was very low and did not increase with Output level on desk.
Fixed by using another Power Pack (Dell), no noise at all now.


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You are likely getting power supply interference. Usually ground lifting the power supply will eliminate this. I keep a small power bar with the ground terminal removed for ground lifting notebooks and the odd recording device someone hands me.
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