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StudioLive 1642 + 2010 Sony Vaio + Win7 + Capture Running Stable @ Low Latency [DPC issues solved!]
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Hey people!

I'm so happy I finally have all my DPC issues sorted out!

I have a new Sony Vaio [ VPC EB 3M1E ] running Windows 7 Home Premium.

I had ordered 2 different Firewire Expresscards before ordering the laptop (My girlfriend didn't quite get why I needed 2 cards, but I thought this was pretty smart thinking ) still right out of the box the laptop wouldnt work properly with the StudioLive.

1st card had a VIA chipset, couldn't get it to work properly. Setting the driver to "legacy driver" helped so the PC at least recognized the mixer, but I couldn't get it to record properly. I had disabled the internal soundcard, also the laptop has a hardware wifi on-off switch, which produces severe DPC latency spikes when engaged, so I had turned the wifi off. After that, the spikes settled down. However, Capture would still stop recording whenever the DPC latency got higher than ~2000.

Switched the expresscard to one with the recommended Texas Instruments chipset (XIO2200). The laptop recognized the StudioLive right away, everything running pretty smoothly. However, using the dpc latency checker I noticed occasional spikes. I thought I could blame them on windows indexing service, so I disabled that while recording. Didn't help. Still got occasional spikes which ramped the dpc latency up to about 4000-5000 microseconds, making Capture stop the recording immediately.

However, I was able to record 16 tracks without dropouts when switching to SAFE MODE 3 and setting the buffers to at least 512. When I set the buffers to 1024 I could even record 16 tracks while surfing the net (wifi on) and doing a system restore at the same time (!) without noticeable dropouts.

Still, to be safe I tried some more tweaking, because I want to be able to do low latency recordings / use the laptop as an FX unit for live FOH work.

After a pretty sleepless night, analysing the pc with xperf (which I still don't understand properly ) I noticed that "dwm.exe" showed up pretty often in all my testing. I killed the process, and that was the solution to my problem. The occasional spikes are gone completely and I can now record 16 tracks @ buffer size 64 in capture without any hiccups or anything. Screenshot:

( Next time I started up windows dwm.exe was back, so I turned it off completely using these instructions: )

Man, I hope my rambling up there makes sense, feel free to ask questions, I just felt I had to post here right away because I'm so happy right now

Synopsis: Recording with a StudioLive on a Windows laptop seems to be possible I was kinda scared it wasn't after reading so many horrifying reports here and elsewhere!

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nice work

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I'm worried about my laptop. It has a firewire input run by ricoh drivers and of course it did not recognize my Presonis board. So I thought I'd get a pc card that had the recommended TI drivers, but upon further investigation my laptop also has pcmcia drivers by ricoh. Is this a dead end. Help!!!!!
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It isn't a dead end. Get the card and you should be good. Ricoh's expresscard drivers operate substantially better than their firewire.

And to the OP. Nice job!!

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Congratulations! You've jumped the hurdles of Windows/PC/Firewire and are now ready to enter the world of computer-recording Awesomeness!

It takes time to get a PC ready for recording duties, but it feels nice when you've done the hard work and finally get to have fun with your toys


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@jwmcqueary: be sure you read this:

I think I remember that choosing the legacy driver is what did it for me.


Thanks, this is an "old" thread, I have been recording tons of stuff (single tracks, multitrack recordings, ...) since then and apart from a weird recording glitch when somehow all my files were tagged with the wrong sample rate (which happened only once) and a couple of times were the notebook didnt see the mixer (always solvable by restarting both the mixer and the notebook) I have had no problems at all. Works just as intended. Last time I did a live recording for a band I almost forgot to make any "test recordings" prior to the show, that's how confident I felt

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