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Studio One v3: A list of the best FR from users that are not implemented yet
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danyeel wrote:I suggest two things:

1) export of stems or mixdown with or without insert and or send FX;Useful if u wanna mix on other daw;

2) a "export what u ear"..i often mix using an external analog mixer and i would like that the mixdown in S1 should export every output and not one at once...

1) exactly what I meant with
- global inserts ON/OFF
- global FX ON/OFF
that is the possibility to export raw audio to be processed elewhere

2) already possible...export in realtime
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how about a global dry/wet insert control ?

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I Totaly agree on more MIDI funktionalaty implamented, I would also like for a more flexible and adjustible Humanize function.

I am a huge fan of Ampire XT!
Would love some more love for this Great plug.
More stomp boxes, allow the user to organize things u know more customisation...
A complete PRE section and a Complete Post section.
Would be cool if some awsome guitar players would make some presets aswell..

Speaking of Presets, There are some damn god S1 users out there, why not invite em to make Presets for S1 V3 and then continue inviting People to make preset packs for downlod from the Xchange?
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bouncing mono instruments to mono tracks would be great...

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I try to explain it step by step, that you can understand it well:

If you edit Folder Parts with the editing possibilties like copying&pasting, duplicating, moving and deleting and there are Bus or Send FX Automation stacked on these Folder Parts or seperated inside folders, folder part editing steps are not working together with Bus and Send FX Automations! So you must edit your bus and send automations always seperated.

You can expect from folder part editing, that EVERYTHING, which is inside a folder, is edited with the folder part!

Furthermore: if you select automation, move it to another place and back, the appearance is completely different at the end depending on that what comes after it!

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1. Display Midi Chords - not simply notes like it is now, we need more flexibility when it comes to analyzing chord data.
2. Track Presets, Multi-Track Presets
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Here's my list, most of this has already been discussed. I've tried to prioritize in order of importance to me. Also note: I'm assuming we're already getting a kick ass staff view as a result of the Notion acquisition, so that's not on here.

[Last Edited November 29, 2013]

1. Instrument/Track/Effect Chain Templates
2. Enhanced Undo (particularly mixer undo)
3. Use of standard mouse modifiers (Ctrl+click to select non-consecutive parts, shift+click for consecutive selections, etc.)
4. The ability to draw tempo changes (using things like line and freehand tools)
5. In-track MIDI Plugins (including an arpeggiator)
6. Faster startup time
7. The ability to select effects in the Mixer and click the delete key to remove them (again, with undo)
8. Automatic tempo mapping
9. Global effect on/off
10. Wet/Dry knob for all effects (a la Reaper)
11. Improved automation curve handling & more options
12. More humanize timing/velocity options
13. The ability to save mixer states
14. Independent Left/Right Pan and Volume sliders on stereo tracks
15. A simple Notepad feature
16. Channel meters that show mono track's pan position in stereo field (i.e. stereo meters even on mono tracks)
17. Show Instruments as a plugin in the effect chain plugin menu (Example: I have an effect chain on a DIVA track, I can switch between effects on that channel in the plugin menu, but can't open DIVA itself without going to another screen)
18. The ability to right click the effects bin to add new effects
19. Drum Editor
20. Step Sequencer
21. Matrix/Arrange view
23. Keep track names in sync between views
24. Improved CPU use (not that this is the least important thing for me, but rather something I think they should always strive for)
25. Varispeed playback/recording (a la Reaper)

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Marker windows and color marker..!!

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Skimming through the suggestions..wouldn't it be easier to say...everything that's contained in Cubase/Nuendo..without the "cumbersome" work flow

I would love to know what the design team consider as a "feature still in keeping with the philosophy of Studio One"

Personally, the only aspect I would like to see worked on is the Drum Editor
- ability to import, edit and manage maps
- the management of the Drum Sound list
- improve the note display; use of colours

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bezier automation curves

automation clips

when you duplicate a track with events,that has automations on it,a option to have the automations duplicated too

more GUI colour options

better multichannel analysis in spectrum meter

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Enhancements for projects:

  • Level-adjusted bypass like Wavelab

  • Support for reference tracks

  • Ability to print/export a professional looking cue sheet with customizable header that can be sent to a duplication plant as is without looking messy.

  • Regards,

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    If I could only choose one, I'd be automation clips. Give me two and I'd add better a Undo function that could undo absolutely everything (although undo history filters could be customized to suit everyone's preferences i.e. some people don't like to include fader moves in their undo history, etc).
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    My feature wish list:
    1. Automation clips
    2. Ability to (optionally) undo everything, inc. plugin and mixer knob/fader/buttons, add/remove insert, add/remove plugin, etc...
    3. Mixer snapshots
    4. Wraparound slide audio items like in Reaper

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    A Chordtrackfunction would be nice.

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    Hibidy list:

    -global fx bypass
    a. with ability to bypass a CERTAIN fx
    b. definitely need to distinguish instrument from effect. For some reason I have nightmares that a global bypass would include instuments
    -clearer/more refined undo. Especially mixer undo.
    -"more midi stuff" Let's be more specific, mk? More midi what? I'd love some timing issues to be solved.
    a. if you select a particular note, OTHER velocities disappear temporarily for anything else
    b. mousewheel velocity change if over a note or in the velocity window
    c. Folding (like live)
    d. select filter (like a command that allows a pop up and then you can type the velocity or whatever
    e. a command for full screen editor AND a way for that revert. Maybe it does this now and I haven't figured it out?
    f. inline editor would be handy
    g. better ways to identify note. TTBOMK, many times things like "hats" or "snare roll" or whatever don't show up. Maybe this can't be done. Doesn't mean I don't want it.
    h. a groove quantize option menu. Common options listed and instantly applied (this would work with audio as well)
    -mixer "capture" or similar
    -for the love of GOD, would you PLEASE update cutting midi patterns to the default being what "deep slice" does now or make some kind of option for it? And if you select a part, make THAT deep slice as well.
    -beizer curves. Can't believe how many hosts don't have better curve options
    -track templates
    -PLEASE FIX COLOR/NAMES/FOLDERS and how the correspond from track to mixer. Thanks
    a. Changing the tracks inside a folder should at least be an option
    b. If you forget to make a buss from the arrangement section, there should be an option to fix that later. Currently, you have wonky color/name with the buss you are using for folders. We all need to discuss this in more detail.
    -a lock for the arranger settings. For example, if you accidentally try and scroll the arrangement from the track header, it will just move the input/volume/etc. Plus undo doesn't work to fix it

    I'm tired, I'll think of more later.
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    a lot of useful FRs in this post. Here below I remind myself what I'd like to see in v3...

    - remove fades and overlaps for audio clips
    - click alt/option to temporary pass from arrow tool to split tool (useful for split edit)
    - bigger faders in the mixer
    - score facility
    - time detection
    - global insert/fx/pan bypass
    - add/remove/bypass multiple inserts in one shot
    - real drum editor (like the one in Cubase)
    - arranger track
    - time signature track (instead of current mess)
    - PT style marker track
    - MIDI data zoom
    and finally:
    - a GUI update...

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