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How Do I Hook up 2 Interfaces? Please Help
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How do I hook up a Firestudio and a Firestudio Project for Recording a Full band up to 16 Inputs at once. I've got a list of items i'm using below. I've also read the manual (which isn't very informational on this subject) and I've watched a few YouTube videos that did't really cover how to hook them up to each other and the necessary cords desired.

I'm looking to Record a Full band (multi-track) at once using Logic Express. I have an idea what S/PDIF is but i'm not sure if I need the cables before I spend the $ for the Goods. The Firewire is all hooked up and the Universal Control recognizes both Interfaces, but I can't hear the interfaces (when both are hooked up) while the band is playing. I had the idea that the firewire would be able to handle it all, but do I need Digital cables in order to hear the 2nd Interface thru Monitors and Headphones?

Items being used:

MacBook Pro - All updated with Latest Drivers and more than enough RAM and HD to cover my needs.
Firestudio PROJECT as 1st Interface in Command
FireStudio as Slave
2 Mackie Monitors with Cables hooked into PROJECT Main Outs
Firewire Cable : Mac -> PROJECT -> STUDIO

I can use just the PROJECT and ALL is well, but the moment I hook up BOTH at the same time .... I can't even hear anything at all. Please Help?

- Jim
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The only thought I have at the moment is first make sure both have the latest firmware. You want to check them individually.

After that see if it will work in the other order.

That's about all I have at this point.

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Thanks for the Reply.

I DID need one of the Firmware's to be Updated but it still wasn't the issue ....However, I finally bought a S/PDIF cable and hooked it up, turned on the 1/2 Mix on the Slave interface and that was IT. BAM, Done. Thanks for your help on my post, much appreciated.

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You should not need the S/PDIF cable. The firewire cable can handle the load. Kinda weird how this happened like this. You should try and make it work without S/PDIF.
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You've got it already. Here comes the different answer for those, who want to know, why it worked with the S/PDIF:

Your main problem was, as far as I see, that the tracks of one interface can't be monitored on the other one. Since these tracks only go to the computer via firewire there is no possibility to get the zero-latency monitoring across the interfaces via firewire. So there has to be a direct audio conection between both interfaces to bring a submix of one interface to the other - so: Yes you will need the S/PDIF connection - or you use analog connection (which wastes 2 line-ins on one and two line outs on the other interface).

First find out, which one the driver uses as the main outputs (I have a Firestudio Tube and a Firestudio Project and can only use the Project as main outs - as I found out here, it depends on the serial numbers of the interfaces, which goes first - or I'm mixing this up, with something else... ).

Then you will have to set up one mix in the Universal control for the other interfaces S/PDIF outputs, which covers your needs and bring that to the S/PDIF inputs of your main-output interface - there you can mix the signal to the monitoring.

If you use Studio-One Pro it works almost the same way - just Universal Control is switched off then and you will have to adjust everything in the zero-latenzy-feature of Studio One. It's quite easy to check it out according to the manual - and it works well.

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can you please help me out im using a firestudio project and a fire studio and i'm having trouble hooking and interfaces help to record can you help me out please!!!!!! i have logic 9 and when i record something i can't hear it when i play it back

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These questions are not about what cables you need, but rather The Information you need from the Operation Manuals of the following:

Firestudio Project

More than likely, you have a setup issue inside your DAW. These are often the hardest things to track down over the Phone/internet/etc. because the user is required to have fairly extensive knowledge of how to setup their DAW and route tracks from the Firestudio/FSProject to the DAW and then back out to the physical outputs.

It sounds like you've got it basically figured out, but you won't get the results you really want until you've done the in-depth study necessary to route things properly.




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i have a 26x26 and a FS Project and i used the SPDIF method to monitor inputs from both interfaces simultaneously with no problem at all.

the 26x26 is the primary interface so i used the SPDIF out from the Project into the in on the 26x26. then in the universal control mixer I made it so that I was including the SPDIF mix from the Project on the 26x26's stereo out and it works perfectly.

as someone else said earlier you could also accomplish the same thing by using 2 analog outs into 2 analog inputs.. but with the SPDIF you don't waste any of your analog channels and it also takes only one cable instead of 2.

other than that i'm pretty sure you are limited to monitoring one interface at a time, and i think only the primary one.

i decided to go this route after searching this forum and numerous others and this was the only legit way I found to monitor all the inputs at once. i had hoped that the firewire i used to daisy chain the devices would carry the audio but it doesn't work that way.

hopefully you will have good luck getting your setup to do what you need it to do. for me the SPDIF option was perfect.

edit: lol after reading this thread again i noticed that you did use the spdif option and it worked.. gratz

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