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inspire 1394 meets Dell Notebook -good combination?
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yesterday I found this on the dell website:

(Sorry, this is in german, but I think You`ll get it anyway) The right one on this page is a pretty decent offering I think. But I read a lot about compatibility problems with certain firewire chipsets and the firewire interfaces from Presonus. I want to get me an Inspire 1394 interface, because I can get a pretty good package deal for this and the S1 pro upgrade (s1 Artist is also included as you may guess).

So here is my question: Does anybody know what kind of chipsets Dell runs in their firewire cards and motherboards or has anybody experiences with Dell notebooks and Presonus hardware?


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Your best option at this point is to drill down the exact model you are looking for and have a look at its drivers. If you see Ricoh or JMicron in any of them then that wil provide your answer. The specs might show it as well.

Search thoroughly any notebook you are considering.

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