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firewire causing digital "white" noise
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When the firewire cable is connected to my iMac, a digital "white" noise starts coming through... If I unplug the firewire cable it stops. i have determined it is coming from a sennheiser xs wireless receiver. it doesn't matter what channel i plug the wireless receiver into it still creates the noise unless i turn on the digital return button for that channel unplug the unit from the xlr connection or remove the firewire cable. i have four other Sennheiser wireless unites and it DOES NOT seem to affect them, and the problem didn't start occurring until decided to finally hook up the firewire today, and update the firmware on the SL.

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.

OSX 10.9.3
3.1 GHz Intel Core i5
16GB Ram

Studiolive Firmware: 1.0.5203

after further investigation i have found it to be an interference issue... changed the channel on the wireless receiver and its working for now, i also found out that if i increased the squelch when it was making the noise it would go away... that being said, the fact that all this came about by adding firewire cable into the mix is mind boggling. anyways hopefully this works and if anybody has suggestions I on how to better make sure this doesn't happen again I'm up for ideas!

Jason B.

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Had the same as you. Removed the receivers from my rig (underneath the mixer) and spaced the receivers approx. 10 feet from the mixer/firewirecable. Problem solved. It seems that the firewireconnection (cable, mixer, computer...) is generating broadband signals outside the connection.

So, by taking the receivers totally apart from the mixer/computer will solve your problem.,

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