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Can I connect a preamp to Audiobox USB
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Hi, I'm still a newbie but can I connect an external preamp to the Audiobox USB?

I'd like to connect an ART Tube MP:

I know the Audiobox usb has no line input but if I connected the preamp to the mic input of the audiobox would it work?

I would be running a preamp into a preamp then right? But I could control the gain of the presonus preamp and use the gain of the ART Tube preamp?

I'm interested if this would work cos I need more gain for Dynamic microphones.

Would the fact that the last preamp in the sequence is the Presonus one limit the external preamp's gain ability?

What I mean to say is, If I use 60 DB of gain with the ART external preamp (more than the presonus preamp can do) running into the presonus preamp set at 0 gain can I run a Dynamic Microphone without huge noise? Since the Presonus gets a bit noisy when I max it's gain would it get even noisier if I ran 60DB of external gain into it while it is set at 0 gain on the Box.

Hope this makes sense
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