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1 FOR 1 FW Routing
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I've been tinkering all morning with routing after my US1800 gave up the ghost a couple days ago. (The US1800 was a dependable dinosaur that required very little knowledge to operate...)

Ring in the dawning of a new era with a less than technology savvy guy, and here I sit with serious issues.

My big idea is to record into my DAW via the console, and monitor over firewire via the console.

So far I have tried all number of combinations of buttons in the Master Section of the 24.4, and the best I've gotten so far was hearing the Presonus Main (pre-FW) signal without hearing what was going on in my DAW - ALTHOUGH the DAW was getting the signal I wanted it to get. I just cant get the DAW to send the signal back via FW without pushing the FW button on the individual channel. That's where I lose everything. Can't hear the DAW or the Presonus once I push the FW button on the channel.

As stated, the signal is getting where it needs to go until I try to send it back to the console.

What's the fix? Anyone? I know someone out there has done this or does this daily. Or am I trying to make a Charger go as fast as a Modena?
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Hey jhrex

I think that you need to send the channels out to another channel on the SL 24
Say you record channel one and want to monitor that while.. through the DAW > SL
Make a channel in your DAW set the input as it should (Ch1 f.ex) - but set the output to another channel in the SL
This way you are recording on channel 1 and monitoring through.. say channel 24 f.ex


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Or look at it this way:
- the mixer will always send every mic/line input to the computer. Reaper will have to route these inputs onto individual tracks.
- only with the channel firewire buttons engaged the mixer will use on those channels whatever your computer returns to the mixer.
- Reaper will have to route whatever you want to hear on your mixer channels to individual outputs.
- what remains are returns 25/26, the firewire buttons near the mixer's main fader. That's where Reaper has to return its main output to.

So most of the work needs to be done in the Reaper input/output matrix. Not my cup of tea
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