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S1 Professional and organizing samples, loops, Kontakt etc
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This is a pretty basic question but so it goes.

I recently re-did my computer so now I have a c: drive, a d: drive for audio projects, and an e: drive for samples, loops, and libraries.

When installing a new program, I put the program ap or VST on c. All my effects VST's go into the Program File/VST_64 bit folder.

So, I now have Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate. I am not sure what to install where. If given the opportunity, I know I want to install the samples/libraries on E.

But my question is, is there any certain way these should be organized on my E drive so that they are most easily used from within Studio One?

It seems that nearly all of NI Ultimate instruments and samples are playable in Kontak, but I have other Kontakt-compatible samples like solo cello, solo violin, 8dio's Adagietto, Soundiron's Requiem Light, etc.

Can I rename these libraries and samples to something like Strings-Adagietto; or Strings-Solo Violin so that I can just scroll down through a list and find the sound/instrument I want?

Or do I just add them all into the "Libraries" area of Studio One, leave their titles as is and just sort through it whenever I want to use a certain instrument/sound?

Should I put all the Kontakt-compatible samples and VSTis in a folder called Kontakt, so they are easier to find from within Studio One?

So far, I have not used any of these instruments, so S1 may not be 'looking' for them in any particular place, but I don't want to have problems down the road.

I just don't understand right now how all these files etc. work together, and what I can move, and where; what I can re-title, and what I can't.

Can anyone shed some light on this or direct me to something that will help me get it?

many thanks

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In Kontakt you can tell it where to locate it's samples and it will build a database.
So you can pretty well put them where you want so long as you tell contact where they are from within Kontakt!

In Kontakt at the top is a Cog Button where you can tell Kontakt to find and search for samples.
Just make sure wherever you put ten that that location listed there so it knows where to look..

Kontakt will see the description of the sample and index them accordingly so Strings Legato etc will show up

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