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FaderPort for Use with StudioLive and Capture
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Looking forward to purchasing StudioLive 16.4.2 by end of year; 2010.
Simple question, maybe ...

.. can FaderPort be used with the mixer and capture to handle the in studio/live recording functions;REW/FF/REC/STOP/PLAY?
if so, will FaderPort be automatically recognized by capture or only with Studio One?
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Hi and welcome.

Capture currently doesn't work at all with MIDI. The StudioLive is also not currently a control surface. Though it could but is currently not implemented. (there is some chatter that these capabilities might be in the works...though nothing confirmed)

Studio One will work with the faderport though. And S1 has templates to work with one or two StudioLive 16s.

Hope that helps.

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