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Two FireStudio Projects will not work as one?
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Gina Osmar

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I cannot figure out how to get my monitors to work in both recording and playpback using GarageBand and then switching to listening to "Pandora", for example. I have to unplug the monitors from the newest PreSonus and plug them back into the old PreSonus that is connected to my MacBook Pro? Even if I have both PreSonus on and they have "Blue" lights?...

Secondly, my headphones for monitoring are plugged into the newest PreSonus. That is the only unit that I can hear instruments plugged into the front available jacks. If I put instruments into the top unit (unit connected to my Mac), I hear nothing from the instruments through the headphones? It's like each unit is working separately and not together as one unit? I have attached photos. I have a Firewire connection (white) from the oldest unit to my Mac. The other Firewire (Black) connects from the old PreSonus to the new PreSonus. I have checked my software and it is "Up to date". Please help....I'm pulling my hair out!
Front View - Mac Connection on top.jpg
[Thumb - Front View - Mac Connection on top.jpg]
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Headphone connections from Newest PreSonus.jpg
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I think you are missing one small, but important ingredient. The SPDI/F cable running OUT of the higher serial # into the IN of the lower serial #'d unit. All your audio will carry from the one to the other. At least your inputs on the front carry anyways. Let me know how that works.
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