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How do we mount the 1/3 components?
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Sorry but an emoticon is not going to effectively demonstrate my level of frustration.
I have several Presonus 1/3 sized components, a HP4, Comp 16, Firebox and Tube Pre V2. I have been using these in my home studio for some time and now want to use them in a live setting. I bought a Maxrack to mount them all to use them as part of my live rig. Turns out the newer components (HP4 and Tube Pre V2) don't fit into the Maxrack because Presonus decided to arbitrarily change the side mouldings so they don't fit. When I asked Presonus about why this was done I was first flicked to the local distributer in Australia, whom I then asked if I could purchase replacement side panels - they have just ignored me. I again asked Presonus and was then give a trite explanation revealing only what I already knew (that the newer components don't fit), and I have been ignored since.
So after some further research I discover that there is the 3UMR system that allows one to mont three 1/3 components into a 19" rack. Ok, I have to shell out for a portable 19" rack mount, but anything to get mobile. But no, Presonus has discontinued this system as well.
It beggers belief that a company that should pride itself on looking after is loyal customers has made changes to products that intentionally make them unusable, or discontinue accessories that provided solutions for their users.
Can some one please explain why this was done and what, if any, solutions there are for mounting these 1/3 sized components.
If there is no solution (as I fear there is not), I will be giving my Presonus equipment away and starting again with another product line. Yes, I am quite prepared to cut off my nose to spite my face because I feel utterly let down by the company which I have recommended to many (friends and bandmates who have subsequently purchased Presonus equipment).
Rant over, thanks for listening.
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