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White Noise after more than a year without
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Hi all,

I've been recording with Studio One 2 and AudioBox 1818VSL on the same laptop for about 18 months without incident. Everything was working great. Then today, when I tried to record, there was a loud hissing white noise coming from all 8 channels recorded onto all 8 tracks. Even if I record using a single microphone in channel 1 and have the knobs on the AudioBox for all other 7 channels turned all the way off, all channels record this white noise.

None of my settings have changed, none of my hardware has changed, the mics are the same, the cables are the same.

Has anyone had this problem? I've seen many postings on the forums from people who have similar problems when they first buy their unit, with many suggestions on how to resolve their issues, and I understand how some of what I've read would resolve the issues reported, but I never had problems until today.

Any suggestions?


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