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Korg d3200
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Hey! Can I hook up a Korg D3200 and use it as a mixing board with presonus studio one? If so, how would I go about doing it? I want to use it so I can use more Mics. The two channel interface isn't ideal for recording a drum set.

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Hey Matt

I doubt that you can use it along side with the S1 as an audio device, since it only has USB2 and midi connections
One way I suppose could be to use the D3200 and record it all there and then transfer it to you
computer for mixing there.
Maybe you could use it as a mackie controller with S1 via midi, but I'm not all sure about that since I don't really know that


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The d3200 isn't a soundcard so the usb connection can't be used for streaming audio

The d3200 control surface can be used as a midi controller for s1. I've never tried this myself though.

Since the d3200 can record up to 32 audio tracks I'd lay down a sync track or two on the d3200. Then record the drums (and whatever else) and transfer this via the usb back into s1. Add to this the eight (or is it ten) virtual tracks/layers for each track.

The d3200 can record up to twelve channels of audio simultainously so it is vey much suited for multitracking. Afterwards you just mix everything in s1.

I haven't used my d3200 for ages. A friend of mine uses his several times a week...

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