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AudioBox 1818VSL + Digimax FS
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I've got an AudioBox 1818VSL and a Digimax FS.

I want to set it up to have 16 Individual Ins and 16 Individual Outs.

I have it connected as follows:
Digimax FS ADAT 1-8 OUT <--> AudioBox 1818VSL ADAT IN
Digimax FS BNC SYNC IN <--> AudioBox 1818VSL BNC SYNC OUT

I'm having some troubles...

In the VSL software, I see the ADAT 1-8 Inputs, and I can see the meters moving. However, I do not see the ADAT 1-8 OUT? Am I doing something wrong? I'm wondering if I need to connect Digimax FS ADAT 1-8 IN <--> AudioBox 1818VSL ADAT OUT? Is that my problem? Will that make ADAT 1-8 OUT show up in the VSL software? Since I don't have the ADAT OUT hooked up on the AudioBox, I'm wondering if that's why it's not showing up in the VSL software since it doesn't "see" that there's 8 more ADAT outputs? Or will the ADAT OUT not show up in the VSL software?

Also, it seems that when I have the Digimax FS set to "External Sync - BNC" ... it syncs with the AudioBox, however if it's set on 44.1 or 48...ADAT Channels 7 and 8 seem to have some kind of digital interference? I'm not sure what to call it. Those channels show that there's input when nothing is plugged in. Mainly ADAT Channel 8. I can MUTE ADAT 7 and ADAT 8 INPUTS and nothing else has a problem. Could that be an issue with the 75 ohm BNC cable? Or possible the Lightpipe/Toslink cable? There is a "75 Ohm Terminate" switch on the back of the Digimax FS. I just read in the manual that if the Digimax FS is the last device in the chain, that switch should be pressed in. I checked and it's not pressed. I'm wondering if that was a problem?

Can anyone give me any insights or pointers or suggestions?

I'm wanting to be able to use this setup in 2 different ways:
1) 16 Individual Outputs - I want to use this as Tracks playback during a Live show. No recording during the Live show, just playback. I want to have 16 individual outputs so that my FOH Engineer has total control over all of the tracks live so he can mix it just like having those extra instruments on stage, rather than just giving a stereo tracks mix or a few tracks stems.
2) 16 Individual Inputs - Use this setup for recording...I'm not having an issue with the inputs other than the digital interference when using External Sync?

I was under the understanding that it was capable of 18 in/18 out...a total of 16 with the addition of the Digimax FS plus 2 more with SPDIF. I don't need the SPDIF, so I'm just trying to set it up to have 16 in/16 out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit/Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06ghz/8gb RAM...I dunno if that matters or not but I thought I'd mention it.


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I've contacted tech support for you. They would like you to submit a support ticket to help sort out the issues you're experiencing.

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Hey, I´ve got the same setup and problem like you. No ADAT outputs show up in the VSL software! Have you fixed the problem now? What´s the answer from the tech-support? Cheers...
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