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Audiobox USB not showing up in Receive or Send drop down
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I have my Korg MicroArranger Workstation plugged into the MIDI I/O on my Audiobox USB and have set up the Korg, under external devices as:
a New Instrument (sending)and New Keyboard (receiving) but under the Send To drop down menu for the New Instrument I do not see Audiobox USB only "MIDI OUT" and for New Keyboard under the drop down for Receive From I do not see the Audiobox USB, only "MIDI IN"

I do have the Audibox configured already in the Audio Set up panel.

Is there something I am missing?

Something is obviously wrong because I am unable to record and monitor anything from my Korg Microarranger workstation, as of yet.

Also, I found out the hard way that you CAN NOT run cables from your main outs on your keyboards to the Mic/Instrument inputs on your audibox USB in order to set up an audio track for monitoring your midi track. It will cause lots of noise and/or blow out the preamps in the Audiobox USB. So I am not sure how, as of yet, to hear the midi track but I guess that should be posted on another topic.

Thanks for any and all insight!

Windows 7
Korg Micro Arranger keyboard/workstation
Audiobox USB
Presonus Studio One Artist 2 DAW
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