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Help!!! Digital Distortion on all channels Using Macbook.
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Hello guys i have a SL 24.4.2 and yesterday i experienced a strange digital distortion / phaser, i read a lot with the same situation.
The distortion occur when rise the faders near to Unity ( 0 DBM). Including The Main Fader and Tape In. Also notice the same strange sound in the headphone

What i due.

Update the firmware to latest.
factory reset in VSL control
Backup all the scene
Rise the sample rate from 128, to 256 or 512 nothing change.

This is my Mac Spec

Macbook 2009
Snow Leopard
Firewire integrated on board.
2.5gb Ram DDr2
160Gb HDD with 100+free space.
Quality Firewire cable.

Sofware Studio One Professional

To record a Drum Kit with 8 Simultaneous Channels.


1- I'm out of warranty if the problem is the board what is the cost?
2- There some way to Update the firmware to older version?
3- The Amp fuse could be the problem?
4- The computer don't detect all the signals correctly because don't have sufficient ram Memory?

What i wiil due Afternoon.

0- Replace the hard Drive by New One
1- Clean install of Mac OS X 10.6.8
2- Install the latest Universal Control
3- Update the latest firmware again with all faders and Input Knob Down.
4- Make a Factory Reset to the board with VSL
5- Check the firewire cable again.

if you experience something like this and you resolved please share with me your FIX!!!!

Edgar Santiago AKA Monkey the Drummer

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Most distortion issues are due to incorrect scaling of the digital data causing numerical overflows OR underflow. In the former case the digital numbers get too big when they are summed and unlike analog mixers that just flattop, the signals reverse polarity... in the other case if the signals are too small, there is no resolution and the resultant signal is made up of only a few steps for full swing of the signals.

Verify that all of the input and output level LED's show signals around the center of the scale. Select both the input and output to check this for all channels. If some arte "down in the noise bring them up with the trim during recording. If they are too small use the gain function in your DAW to adjust the levels before mixing.

An easy illustration of digital limits is to have you add say 30 and 60 and get 90... Now what if I have you add 60 and 50 BUT I will only allow you to use 2 digits wide in the answer... the actual numeric value is 110 BUT with only two digits, you will get "10" ... this is what happens with numerical overflow. The sound waveform will be grossly distorted.

Now lets go to the other extreme. Say you are selling something that you would like to charge $15.50... but the only currency available is $10 bills...This is the problem when signals get too low... you have a choice of accepting $10 or $20...This creates unacceptable "steps" in value. These cause distortion if the numbers represent sound waves.
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