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Anyone know how to export an automation track?
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I'm using an automation track with .wav backing tracks.
I use the midi automation track to send program changes to the Axe Effects Ultra for guitar, and to the TD 20 for the drums.

I put the various tracks, in order, into a new song called SET LIST.

It would probably be a good idea to explain this process.
For every song we play, I have to create a backing track (keys, horns, extra vox, etc...) Which can sometimes be a lot of tracks since we're a Pop Casino band, meaning we have to have ALL the sounds people are used to hearing when they listen to it on the radio.

The time to load each individual .song file is prohibitive since we have to stay to about 3 seconds between songs.
So, I export the mixed backing track song to a folder with three track files (Main, Bass, CLICK).
Then I can just open the folder, highlight all thre tracks and drag them onto the new song called Set List, one after the other, until the entire night's material is inserted...then its just a matter of hitting the space bar and they play, in order, with the correct amount of time between each song.

I have to, after I've put the entire night's music into the file...then create the automation track to make the changes for each song.]

I want to create the midi automation track in the main file so I can then export it and then just drag four files into the spot for each song on Set List.
THis would save an enormous amount of time.

Surely they had to have thought of this and there must be a way to export Automation Tracks.

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