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Can't get Studio One Professional to recognize Yamaha YPG-235
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If anyone has any insight into this problem I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

I'm running Studio One Professional on Windows 7 64-bit. I'm trying to connect my keyboard, a Yamaha YPG-235, but can't get Studio One to recognize it. I've downloaded the MIDI drivers from Yamaha and added under External Devices as both a keyboard and an instrument. When I add an Instrument Track to a song and select the instrument, there's no visual or audible indication that the keyboard is being recognized.

I use a 22VSL as an interface, but the YPG-235's MIDI connection is USB, so I have to connect it directly to the computer. Thanks again if anyone can provide any direction -- I've spent untold hours with this and can't make any progress.


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If the keyboard is setup ok in your external devices and you can select it in an instrument track then that suggests to me that your keyboard settings may need to be checked.
I've never used your model before but I just had a quick look at the user guide and thought maybe it could be the settings are incorrect (See page 80- 81 ( Midi Settings) in the user manual for the YPG-235.)
Hope that helps

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