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Terrible scratching distortion on recording
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Good morning,
First off - a big shout out the folks on this list that have helped me with learning the Presonus tools. Then an equal Shout Out to Presonus for creating great gear and software.

Now the problem. I set everything up to record last night - SL 16.4.2 into Lenovo Laptop with FW 400 express card. Studio One Artist (latest updates installed). New Song - empty song - Add track - assign to input 7 (Guitar 1 on SL) - arm for recording. Channel 7 assigned to SUB 2. Sub 2 active as well as Main.
Good signal from SM 57 in front of Peavey Classic 30 combo - mic cable direct to channel 7. All is good.
Hit record - started playing - "The Weight" on Deluxe Strat mid-switch - clean. All is well.
Hit playback and this thin, awful, distorted sound comes out.
Stop recording... check song set up.. unchecked multiprocessor. All looks good.. Same settings as the night before with clean results.
Shut everything down and restart.. no signal from Guitar amp to SL or Studio One.
No can record.. It's late, I'm frustrated... try everything again. No dice. no record.
Shut down computer (unplug power) shut off SL and Power amp... everything is off and cooling down.

This has happened before.. My buddy (computer tech) and I have never found the correlation between a loss of signal, crappy sound and settings.

any ideas what I did wrong?


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On the surface it sounds like a firewire issue, which could come from the firewire cable, the firewire chip in the pc, or things like that. The link below is to a thread in presales, with many diagnostic tools. The first tool referenced is a great place to start, the OCHI tool verifies that the firewire chip is good. Latency Mon would be number 2, and verifies that your pc as configured can handle real time audio processing.

Start there and let us know what you come up with.

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