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Last week our Church upgraded our mixer to a 32.4.2AI. We had an analog mixer and the pastors were using laptops to hook to the video system using either Power Point or Media Shout. This week I brought my laptop to run Universal Control AI. We are now considering a dedicated (presumably desktop) compute to do both the pastors video interface and all of the Presonus features (UC, but also Capture, etc.)

Is is a routine thing to run one computer to do all jobs simultaneously? I admit I'm a bit compulsive about this. My main recording computer in my studio is not hooked to the internet. It does NOT multitask. I'm assuming that to do this right, I'd be running essentially three monitors - one with the pastor video mirrored to the projection and a separate monitor for the audio/mixing tasks. (I'd have to learn how to do that, but I'm assuming (without much knowledge of running video) that it can be done.

At any rate, I'm not looking for detailed instructions (unless someone wants to volunteer.) I'm looking more for, "yeah, this is routine," or "No, use two computers. One is asking for trouble."

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There's more than one way to answer that question I guess. My answer would be: Give it all you've got plus extra, test, test, test, and if it holds then take off the extra bit.

On a side note: With that much going on seriously consider Mac. Less tinkering required for a reliable solution.

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I'm not a fan of putting all the eggs in one computing basket in a live environment.

Particularly if one of those eggs (video) has regular imports from untrusted external sources.

And it's not particularly cost effective: we spent something like $250 for a used Core 2 Duo Mac Mini which captures 32 channels (two linked 16.4.2 boards) just fine. it sits there and does its job ( UC and Capture ) every week without complaint... and that's the best kind of computer to have. One. that. just. works. If I were to buy a computer to do both I would want something good from the business/enterprise line(s) of computers: they are more reliable hardware, but they also cost more. And not a trivial amount more.

Part of our sound computer stability is because very few people are trained to use the sound system, so very few people use the machine. Part of that stability is because the Mini is a good computer, and doesn't do anything unusual. And part of that stability is because the computer never (OK, almost never) ever gets new or different software or files from anywhere.

The video computer, OTOH, is constantly in a state of flux. New slides, new videos, new powerpoint presentations from who-knows-where for weddings, funerals, services, AWANA, etc. etc. etc. Many, many different volunteers for many, many different events. As a result, the file system on the computer is a mess, and I get to pay attention to that computer on a regular basis to make sure that it will do the one thing I really care about (showing slides) regularly.
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