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Pick Multiple Instruments to send MIDI to from one Track
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Firstly, I want to thank Presonus for making a great DAW that handles most tasks quickly and efficiently.

I am however having some trouble with having to clone my MIDI tracks and create a new instance of an instrument, and tune its preset to match the other to get stereo separated sounds from 2 instances of a plugin panned into separate channels and bused into a single mixer channel.

I want to be able to send MIDI messages to multiple Instruments so that I can control a bunch of instruments with one MIDI track.

Make all the Automation parameters show up in the Automation selection Window as well. Each device could show up in its own subfolder like the way the standard MIDI CC messages appear in theirs.

if you don't want to change the way an instrument track works, you could instead implement a different kind of instrument track, that has its own panel that allows you to select from plugins that are in the project to send MIDI note and controller data to. The panel could even have overrides that allow you to send MIDI data to parameters that are available on the plugins you select from.

Furthermore I would like the ability to route a mono plugin audio source into 1 of 2 existing channels in a mixer strip so that I don't need to create as many buses and sends to accomplish my goal.

As it currently stands this is what I have to put up with just to make layers.

Thanks again for making a superior product, Presonus!

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I use Native Instruments Kore 2 within StudioOne and it allows for any number of splits, layers etc using multiple VSTi's on only one track of StudioOne. It's discontinued now, but I'm sure there are other software solutions that let you create layers of synths from various manufacturers.
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