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VDrums Midi & FireStudio Project
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I'm in need of help with my Vdrums & firestudio project. I have only be able to successfully integrated the two a handful of times. The issue is adding the vdrums as an external device via midi. When I try to add the device the drop down "Receive From" in "Add Device" only shows my other connected devicess like the fador port and my keyboards. It does not give me the option to chose the vdrums (created as a new keyboard) or firestudio. As part of my trouble shooting I've was able to hook the vdrums to my audiobox via midi without issue. This leads me to believe the issue is at the firestudio level.

This is what i'm using:
Firestudio Project
Studio One 2 Pro

Does this make sense to anyone? Please help


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First thing is to check the MIDI cables. Are your Out MIDI Cable from the TD 20 connected to your IN MIDI connector on the Project ?
Sometimes one of my friends does it wrong with his TD-9 and by mistake insert it in the MIDI Out instead the MIDI In on his soundcard.
And he's a bright guy !!
I know this can sound trivial but on most cases that's the things that snag us up. If the cable is connected correct you should be able to add a new device with that connection.
One question, on the TD-20 are there 1 Out, 1 In or just 1 Out MIDI ?
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If you don't see a "Project MIDI" entry in the "Receive from" pop-up list, then the issue could be on all sides, beginning with a incomplete/corrupted driver installation over to a corrupted installation of S1 Pro or hardware failure of the MIDI ports of the FSP (which normally is very unlikely).
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