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cleaning up a reverb
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Hi all,

I have a guitar track that involves a lot of sliding on the neck in the rythym track. I like some fret noise but with the reverb channel going, it is just too much. My spectrum meter is not helping me to pinpoint the problem frequencies, and it is going too fast for my inexperienced ears. So the $64,000 question is, what frequencies should I be looking for? Any help would be appreciated.
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Try the "boost & sweep" technique. You open your parametric EQ, and boost a fairly narrow frequency range (but boost the range a lot...maybe 10dB). Slowly move the frequency that you're boosting up and down, until the sound that you want to deal with gets way more pronounced. You have then identified the offending frequency...You then cut at that frequency. Adjust the width (or the "Q") and amount of cut as needed.

I don't know how much you know about EQ, so if what I wrote is confusing, check out this link:

This demonstration is done in FL Studio, but you would use Studio One's ProEQ to do exactly the same thing. You can use this method to find any annoying frequency on any track, really. * There are some who see a few disadvantages to this technique, but for what you need to do, I'm 95% sure "boost & sweep" is the best method. Also, you should turn down your master volume, as the sound may hurt your ears when you hit certain frequencies (especially with string noise!) Anyway, the video in the link explains this better than I can... and it's one of many worth watching.

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you may want to mess with the actual reverb settings to clean it up. I like to put the pre-delay in time with the song ( If the song is in standard time - I like to set the reverb tails to the equivelent ms value of 1/32 note. it's usually a good place to start, and lets the dry signal and reverb have its own space.

Also, try using a band pass filter (HPF + LPF) and give the reverb a particular space in the mix. This is handy where you can give the vocal reverb a different space than the drum rm verb etc.

my .02

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If you got Melodyne installed you can use that, occasionally I use it to clear up my bad fretting technique
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Here is another video on using the EQ sweep technique in Studio One.. It might also help.

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