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Notion questions and registration issues
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Hello, I'm posting this note here because I can't find a more closely related area to get into. I'm hoping a member of the administrative staff can help out.

I recently purchased the Notion app for iPad, and am planning to purchase the package for Windows as well. I have a few questions first that I was hoping to get answered. But when I went to Support, it asked for a number on the Notion box as proof of purchase. Well, sorry, but I didn't get a box when I d/l'ed the app. So I go to the Notion forum, thinking I could ask my questions there, but as part of the registration process, it asks which two instruments are shown on the box of Notion v4. Aha! I said, and typed in "violin piano". Nope, incorrect, it said. Hrm, well I'm clearly seeing a violin and piano, or so I thought. Maybe word order is important? I'm thinking, so I type in "piano violin". Nope, not that either. Maybe "violin AND piano"? Nope, and it was three strikes and you're out, come back again later.

Okay, by this point I'm getting frustrated. I can't contact tech support because they're asking for info I can't provide because I was never given it and I can't even get into the forum because they're asking some stupid question about the box! So, here I am, at the Presonus forum, where I'll wager that many of the users here are not even aware that Presonus acquired Notion last year and is in the process of integrating it into their family of products, most notably Studio One. If I were to make a request of Presonus, it would be to have my membership here as a registered user be recognized company wide. At this point, what is the point of requiring separate user IDs for the Presonus and Notion forums? Far as that goes, what's the point in having two separate forums?

So maybe one of the admin types here could at least send me a note or email, letting me in on the correct answer to which two instruments are on the Notion box, or if there is a way for purchasers of iPad apps to contact Notion's tech support? Much obliged!

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This is Brian from PreSonus Notion Tech Support. Here is some information about obtaining Tech Support for the Notion iPad app and signing up for the Notion forum.

- For Tech Support, simply send an email to or log into your My.PreSonus account at and we would be happy to help you out with any issues or questions you might have. If you do not have a PreSonus account, please feel free to create one.

-If you need to access the notion forum, please answer the security question with "violin, piano." That should get you in. If you have any problems, please contact Tech Support.

-As for your question about there being two separate forums, we hope to be able to migrate them in the future. We want to make sure that we make this experience as smooth as possible for our current and future members of our forums. In the meantime, I would like to welcome you to the Notion forum and offer my assistance should you run into any problems.

Thank you for all of your patience and please let me know if I can help you out with any issues that you might have with the iPad app.

Best Regards,


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