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Mixes using Studio One
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Just some mixes I did in Studio One over the last several months, with multitracks recorded by Weathervane Music for the Shaking Through series. Any feedback, comments welcome. Thanks for listening.

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hey Dan. I heard all your mixes. great stuff.
weathervane is a cool site huh.
they provide all these tracks to mix. and a opportunity for bands all non profit.
every one should join.
Brian , Peter, Matt and all do a really great job.
The Above may or may not be coherent.
I take no responsability, whatsoever. LOL!

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Maybe add a noise gate, to get rid of some hiss. I hear what sounds to me like tape noise at the beginnings of the songs, and in a few quiet spots. My high frequency hearing is halfway shot, so if I can hear it, probably most other people can, too. But I think the mixes sound really good.. And I'm a novice myself, so I'm curious to see what suggestions pop up here. I suspect I might learn a bit from you. Good job!

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