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Ableton Instrument Rack Macro controls
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Hey dear Presonus, I realized I didn't really title my post properly so....
here is a repost:

I have found myself stunned by the lack of this one feature(found in Ableton Live) inside studio one. I think it is a must have for every electronic music producer. This feature is of-course the Instrument Rack Macro section. It allows you to control multiple parameters inside vst's all in one knob. It also allows you to put a maximum on the amount of the parameter modified.

For example say I want one knob to control both a filter cuttoff and an oscillator volume. I can drag the parameters into the macro, setup the maximum. And voila. I can automate the macro I created to control both the filter cuttoff and oscillator volume at the same time.

This is crucial for EDM producers especially those who use the Native Instruments FM8 synth. In ableton one can make the volume of say 5 oscillators be controlled by one macro and effectively get a bass line to "talk"

Now some of you may say: "Just use Massive. It comes with a built in macro system"... The problem with this is that Massive only has the 3 oscillators and a very limited way to control them.... Those who use the FM8 would understand.

Also I figured I would rewire Ableton into Studioone, and this totally didn't work because ableton's 3rd party plugins get disabled when in slave mode.... Thus, having no point in using rewire.

Anyways... I beg you Presonus staff.. Can you please! add this to the next update. I am honestly considering going over to ableton just because of this feature...
Thanks a lot for reading.

If you want to further see the importance of this feature: Look at this video where the person shows how to use the macros to create a certain sound:
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