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Help with my Presonus Eris E5 studio monitors' issue.
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Hello, I purchased Presonus Eris E5 studio monitors. When I plug in my monitors into the power strip, the same power strip I use to plug my pc/laptop, I can hear an annoying chirping (hum and hiss) noise.
If I plug in my studio monitors into a different wall socket, the noise dissapears, the problem is I have to use 10 mts ac cable to connect studio monitors into the other wall socket. If I connect
my studio monitors into my laptop without using ac adaptor I don't hear any noise...but if I plug in my studio monitors into the laptop (on jack audio-3,5 mms-) with the AC Adapter I have the same
annoying noise. Note: I use TRS balanced cable audio (stereo mini-jack to 2x jack, length 3 mts.)
Any advice ? Thanks in advance.

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