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sync studiolive using capture to camera
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I'm recording a doco music next week
most of it is music sessions and rehersals that developed into interviews
i want to use a studiolive connected to a macbookpro using tha CAPTURE software
the thing is
i dont really know if its possible to keep things on sync?
do i need a salte?
do i need to conect a master clock?
do i need another audio interface besides the studio live?
does capture supprots timecode sync



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if you are using professional cameras you can lock to sync and yes a pro session needs a SLATE for numerous reasons... I'd suggest getting a pro video producer to get this type of results... running in sync is a lot of work that needs to be done correctly with the right equipment... this is expensive in a multi camera shoot.

other than that you can use consumer cameras and use a slate and clap as a starting point for sync in video editing...
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