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How on earth would you achieve this vocal effect?
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Got to the 1:46 mark
'Legible' words come before the words come.
I got turned on the reverse vocal swell trick, but this is different. And extreme.

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Sounds like the main vox was duplicated, transposed down , and then moved a little forward on the timeline.

In your song, take the first line of a verse/chorus, then copy/paste to a new track. You will probably want to highlight that new event, and Ctrl B to bounce it and separate it from the original copy. Keep it highlighted, rt click the event and there is a transpose in the sub menu. each numerical step you go up/down translates to a half step. -12 transpose drops it an octave. Then you can grab the event and slide it forward on the timeline til it fits.

If you have pro with Melodyne, you can do the same thing with that.

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